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The Advantages of Using Skates for Moving Heavy Objects

A machine moving skate is a platform which has wheels at the bottom, onto which a load may be placed, allowing heavy objects to be moved easily. The machine skate must be made of good quality material for both the platform and the wheels, as they will be put under a great deal of pressure when moving their load. Different systems are available to hold a range of loads, depending on the requirement. They usually have a steering bar to help manoeuvre them once loaded up.

We have previously talked about where skates are used, in our piece on 5 industries that benefit from heavy duty, machine moving skates, however they can be extremely useful in any area that load moving is required.


One of the biggest benefits of using skates for moving heavy loads is the range of different models available. Not only can skates carry loads up to 220 tons, they have other features that suit them to different jobs. Wheels are available in polyurethrane as standard due to their high load bearing ability, however steel wheels can be attached to most skates. Swivelling wheel boxes can help skates to have added manoeuvrability on uneven surfaces.

For heavier loads or trickier moves, skates can be combined with each other to create a load moving system. There are nickel plated models designed for clean rooms, and in the case that you have a specific task that is not already catered for, a bespoke model can be produced. This versatility gives load moving skates a clear advantage to other load moving products.


In any industry where load moving is required regularly, safety is paramount. Injuries are most likely to happen when the incorrect equipment is used. Therefore having the right tool for the job will reduce the risk of injuries. By using a machine moving skate in combination with a toe jack, the jack can be used to lift the load onto the skate, and the skate thereafter used to transport it. This system allows the equipment to take on the weight so that workers do not need to strain themselves. By using appropriate equipment the risk of damage to either the load, the floor or the site is also reduced.


Load moving skates are very simple to use and intuitive so there is no need for long training. The safety checks are straightforward and steering is easily controlled by the steering bar. Skates are quick to use and can speed up longer processes. They can also be used in different systems due to their adaptable nature. As skate are made from high quality materials, when bought from a reputable supplier they only require basic maintenance.

HTS skates come with a five year warranty and our experienced team can help you find the skate best suited to your task.

In any industry that heavy lifting of machinery is required, skates give a clear advantage. They can be customised to suit many different applications and processes. Additionally, the ability to lift and transport heavy loads helps to avoid injury, and the easy method of use means there is no large training requirement.

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