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The strongest load moving skate
88 to 220 tons

44 tons as a single

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Click an image to enlarge →Machine Moving Skate BIG44LMachine Moving Skate BIG44SMachine Moving Skate BIG44L and BIG44S Set
TypeBIG44LBIG44SBIG44L and BIG44S Set
Par Number09.044.04.1009.044.04.20
Capacity (kg)442 x 22.00088.000
Wheel size (mm)Ø 180 x 89 PUØ 180 x 89 PU
Number of wheels162 x 8
Load area (mm)Ø 300402 x 206
Dimension L x B x H (mm)728 x 1.390 x 220562 x 436 x 220
Handle length (mm)1.5-
Adjustability (mm)-436 - 2.234
Weight (kg)429262

66 tons as Single

132 tons carrying capacity as a set

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Click an image to enlarge →Machine Moving Skate BIG66LMachine Moving Skate BIG66SMachine Moving Skate BIG66L and BIG66S Set
TypeBIG66LBIG66SBIG66L and BIG66S Set
Part number09.066.04.1009.066.04.20
Capacity (kg)662 x 33.000132.000
Wheel size (mm)Ø 180 x 89 PUØ 180 x 89 PU
Number of wheels242 x 12
Load area (mm)Ø 300402 x 412
Dimension L x B x H (mm)728 x 1.796 x 220562 x 642 x 220
Handle length (mm)1.5-
Adjustability (mm)-642 - 2.028
Weight (kg)588382

88 tons as Single

176 tons carrying capacity as a set

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Click an image to enlarge →Machine Moving Skate BIG88LMachine Moving Skate BIG88SMachine Moving Skate BIG88L and BIG88S Set
TypeBIG88LBIG88SBIG88L and BIG88S Set
Part number09.088.04.1009.088.04.20
Capacity (kg)882 x 44.000 176.000
Wheel size (mm)Ø 180 x 89 PUØ 180 x 89 PU
Number of wheels322 x 16
Load area (mm)Ø 300402 x 618
Dimension L x B x H (mm)728 x 2.214 x 220562 x 848 x 220
Handle length (mm)1.5-
Adjustability (mm)-848 - 1.822
Weight (kg)655520

132 tons as Single

220 tons carrying capacity as a set

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Machine Moving Skate BIG132SMachine Moving Skate BIG88L and BIG132S Set
TypeBIG132SBIG88L and BIG132S Set
Part Number09.132.04.20
Capacity (kg)2 x 66.000220.000
Wheel size (mm)Ø 180 x 89 PU
Number of wheels2 x 24
Load area (mm)592 x 618
Dimension L x B x H (mm)848 x 752 x 220
Handle length (mm)-
Adjustability (mm)848 - 1.822
Weight (kg)


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The axles and bearings in the ECO-Skate BIG-Series are supported and enclosed within the frame. This makes it impossible to bend an axle even if the wheel has been overloaded for a short time. For the ECO-Skate BIG-Series it is possible to combine any of the different capacities within the range. The total capacities equals the sum of the single capacities of each ECO-Skate. The skates are equipped with HTS polyurethane wheels as standard and can also be purchased separately.

The ECO-Skate BIG-Series have the following features

  • Single supported wheels
    All wheels are single supported in the wheel boxes. No axle can bend if overloaded.
  • Steering and alignment bar
    The BIG-Series load moving systems are standard equipped with steering and alignment bars. Special lengths are availabe on request.
  • Strong alignment bars
    The two supplied alignment bars are very strong and zink plated.
  • Combinable
    All ECO-Sakte BIG-Series can be combined with each other. The sum of the single skates equals the total load capacity.
  • HTS Polyurethane wheels
    All ECO-Skate load moving sytsem are standard equipped with HTS polyurethane wheels.

For all cases where a standard product is not sufficient, we offer special tailor made solutions to fit the customers needs.

Machine Moving Skate BIG66L and BIG66S Set

Specialist Suppliers of Heavy Duty Moving Skates

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Suited to every individual’s particular needs, the ECO-Skate Big machine moving skates are designed and tailor-made for you in the best way. Irrespective of your needs, HTS Direct Limited has got you covered with an extensive variety of load moving rollers and skates. If it’s a question about moving heavy loads, then you can blindly put your faith in our sturdy HTS ECO-Skate BIG-Series skates. They are available in a variety of capacities and sizes and are used in conjunction or on their own to make the moving of the loads easy and swift. With standard high-grade polyurethane wheels, the loads can be kept on the swivelling wheel boxes for your benefit.

HTS Direct Limited skates are so strong that you can even use them on rough or uneven surfaces with the safety of your load guaranteed. We provide the different models in our ECO-Skate Big series with protected supporting wheels and anti-slip rubber pads. Since the skate machines are completely environment-friendly in nature, we, as manufacturers make sure that with the machines, cleanliness and hygiene are considered as topmost priorities.

The type of customisation we present you has been unheard of in any other skate manufacturing company. We are even ready to move ahead a step further if you want us to. In case our range of HTS ECO-Skate Big series are not meeting with your demands or you are facing any kind of inconvenience, feel free to contact us.

If you think that you need a different type of combination for handling the lifting job, our team of specialist technicians at HTS Direct Limited will cater to your needs by embracing technology and innovation. Moreover, our appropriate location at Staffordshire makes us a favourable choice amongst many customers in the UK as we are in a convenient position to deliver our products anywhere.

Made in Germany

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