Multi directional transports with powered load moving skates

Two POWER-Skate® PSX12-24 or PSX20-40 trolleys are available as DUO version and can be moved synchronously with only one radio remote control. Due to the new digital control (patent pending) it is possible to control two trolleys with only one remote control. This adds up the payload and offers the user the possibility to move high loads with it. The third support point for the load is normally an ECO-Skate® ROTO rotation trolley. The special feature of this synchronous transport process is that both trolley units communicate with each other so that the movement sequences fit together. Synchronous transports are often the only solution in very tight spaces, as the load can be turned on the spot.


PSX 12‑24

Article Number
Max. Load (kg) 12000 kg
Load area (mm) Ø 170 mm
Dimensions L x B x H (mm) 1047 x 1036 x 180 mm
Weight (kg) 175 kg

PSX 20‑40

Article Number
Max. Load (kg) 20000 kg
Load area (mm) Ø 220 mm
Dimensions L x B x H (mm) 1380 x 1000 x 180 mm
Weight (kg) 300 kg


Article Number
Max. Load (kg) 12000 kg
Load area (mm) Ø 250 mm
Dimensions L x B x H (mm) 830 x 710 x 180 mm
Drawbar length (mm) 1620 mm
Adjustability (mm) 1000 – 1440 mm
Weight (kg) 120 kg

PSX 12‑24 DUO + RFXN12 Set

Max. Load (kg) 48000 kg

PSX 20‑40 DUO + RFXN12 Set

Max. Load (kg) 80000 kg