ECO Skate

ECO-Skate® Load moving systems

ECO-Skate® load moving skates are user-friendly, robust, virtually maintenance-free and versatile in their selection. The rollers are not only used in operations for the transport of machines, but are also used in production lines or the container movement.

For all areas of application in which the standard equipment is not sufficient, we design transport systems as special solutions that are individually tailored to the customer needs.

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High quality, non-marking polyurethane rollers

as standard on all ECO-Skates (PU).

Pendulum-mounted cassettes

from i90L, ensure the compensation for uneven floors.

Compact design

with individually mounted rollers (from XL-Series).

Protected support wheel

for the i90L and i120L by mounting inside the grip area.

Foldable connecting rods

at i60S – i120S.

Pulling eye

from i90L as standard.

Powder-coated or galvanized surfaces


Load moving skates of the same height from different series can be combined with each other.

Non-slip rubber pad

secures the goods to be transported from slipping off.

ECO Skate

Three-point bearing

ECO Skate i120D

Four-point bearing

ECO Skate Roto

Rotational skates

360° rotational trolleys


Container trolleys

The rollers are used in container movement.

HTS Wheels

ECO-Skate® Wheels

HTS equips all transport trolleys with high-quality wheels.