ECO Jack

ECO-Jack® Hydraulic jacks and pumps

Available in five different series with payloads up to 50 tonnes.

ECO Skate

ECO-Skate® Load moving systems

User-friendly, robust, virtually maintenance-free and versatile. Move from 6 tonnes up to 128 tonnes as standard and in stock.

eMotion 40

ECO-Skate® eMotion battery powered load moving skates

Remote controlled and battery powered. Move up to 40 tones with ease.

ACTEK Hoist Rings

ACTEK® Hoist Rings

High safety factor of up to 6:1, screwable or weldable.

Gruniverpal Industrial Crane

Gruniverpal® Industrial cranes and mold handling

In different series with capacities up to 80 tonnes.

Gruniverpal® Industrial cranes and mold handling



The innovative idea to move loads on passive, un-powered skates or trolleys instead of a fork-lift truck. Moves up to 30 tonnes with ease.

Toe jacks and Machine moving skates

Moving heavy loads safely and efficiently… requires skill and proper equipment. HTS Hydraulische Transportsysteme GmbH is world renowned for designing, engineering and manufacturing quality, high-performance, user-friendly logistics solutions. Whether it is an in-plant machinery move or any other heavy load transport, HTS has the perfect solution for your next move. We know how important it is to have reliable equipment, when you need it most. HTS is fully committed to build and deliver the very best German made ECO-Jack® hydraulic toe-jacks and ECO-Skate® machine skates for safe and efficient moves.