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ECO-Jack SX-Series

Hydraulic claw jack up to 25 tons load capacity – for external pumps

6 to 25 tons capacity

Hydraulic claw jack

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Click an image to enlarge → Hydraulic Jack EJ60-4S EJ100-3SX-XR
Capacity (kg)6.00010.000
Working pressure (bar)520520
Claw height (mm)1520
Adjustability (mm)4 x 583 x 75
Stroke (mm)140140
Dimensions L x B x H (mm)161 x 228 x 252194 x 277 x 250
Weight (kg)1322

15 to 25 tons capacity

Hydraulic claw jack

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Click an image to enlarge → Hydraulic Jacks EJ100-3SX-XR Hydraulic Jacks EJ 250-3SX EJ60-4S-CR
TypeEJ150-3SXEJ 250-3SXCR-Series
Part number01.150.31.0301.250.31.03

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Capacity (kg)15.00025.000
Working pressure (bar)520520
Claw height (mm)2530
Adjustability (mm)3 x 973 x 100
Stroke (mm)140140
Dimensions L x B x H (mm)245 x 328 x 316278 x 387 x 330
Weight (kg)3860


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Unlike the ECO-Jack S-Series an external pump is required to operate the ECO-Jack SX-Series. This easens and speeds up the lifting process, particularly when using more than one jack simultaneously, or when used in confined work areas. Due to its compact design (without a pump) its weight could be reduced up to 30% and is therefore very easy to handle even in the most extreme circumstances. It is possible for one person to operate and control several ECO-Jack SX-Series simultaneously when used in conjunction with a mechanical or electrical external pump.
ECO-Jack universal toe jacks feature

  • the patented lifting claw. It ensures a safe lifting of heavy goods and can be switched to another position with just one hand without the need of tilting movements.
  • a minimal self-weight. Due to improved design and the use of high quality material, the self-weight of the jacks could be reduced up to 30% compared to jacks with integrated pumps.
  • precision milled guides made of high resistant and high quality materials. They guarantee a precise lifting and lowering motion, thus ensuring a longproduct life.
  • strong swivelling legs which ensure a safe lifting process and prevent the jack from tipping over.
  • an external hose coupler as standard. The drip free male hose coupler enables the user to attach an external pump.
  • Due to the side mounted grab handles the positioning of the jack is very easy.

For all cases where a standard product is not sufficient, we offer special tailor made solutions to fit the customers needs.


Specialist Suppliers of Hydraulic Jacks

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The ECO-Jack SX-series hydraulic jacks are used for external pumps. These devices are designed to accelerate the lifting process, especially when more than one jack is being used simultaneously or when they are used in compact work areas. Our hydraulic toe jacks feature sturdy swivelling legs that make sure a safe and efficient lifting process, as well as, prevent the jack from falling over. Drawing from our years of expertise in the machinery moving industry, we have equipped the hydraulic jacks of the SX-series with precision milled guides that are made of premium quality materials displaying a high resistance. Our lifting systems guarantee an accurate lifting, as well as, lowering motion, ultimately ensuring a product with a long life. Additionally, our devices come with a patented lifting claw that secures safe lifting of bulky goods and you can switch it to any position that you desire with your hand.

Our SX-series hydraulic jacks have the capacity of lifting equipment and goods weighing between 6 and 25 tonnes. Whilst EJ60-4SX can lift 6 tonnes, EJ250-3SX has a payload of 25 tonnes. Even though these devices can lift heavy items, we have designed them for comfort and efficiency in the working environment. Our hydraulic jacks of the SX-series can be handled effortlessly and by one person.

At HTS Direct Limited, we engineer and develop our entire line of SX-series hydraulic jacks using local resources and in our cutting-edge manufacturing unit. We make sure that our lifting devices are of the highest quality. If you apply for regular yearly maintenance at the time of your purchase, we will assume a 5-year warranty for the ECO-Jack SX-series toe jacks. This warranty is provided in addition to the legally specified warranty period.

Get in touch if you seek more information or to have a look at our innovative hydraulic jacks that guarantee safe moves.

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