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ECO-Jack CR-Series

Hydraulic toe jacks nickle plated

With integrated hydraulic pump

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Click an image to enlarge → Hydraulic Jacks EJ60-4SX-CR Hydraulic Jacks EJ60-4S-CR Hydraulic Jacks EJ60-4SX-CR
Type EJ30-5S-CR EJ60-4S-CR EJ100-3SCR
Part number
Capacity (kg) 3.0006.00010.000
Working pressure (bar) 520520520
Claw height (mm) 121520
Adjustability (mm) 5 x 464 x 583 x 81
Stroke (mm) 140140140
Dimensions L x B x H (mm) 198 x 207 x 250216 x 228 x 252271 x 277 x 250
Weight (kg) 151928

Hydraulic toe jacks nickle plated

For external pumps

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Click an image to enlarge → Hydraulic Jacks EJ60-4SX-CR Hydraulic Jacks EJ60-4SX-CR
Type EJ60-4SX-CR EJ100-3SX-CR
Part number
Capacity (kg) 6.00010.000
Working pressure (bar) 520520
Claw height (mm) 1520
Adjustability (mm) 4 x 583 x 81
Stroke (mm) 140140
Dimensions L x B x H (mm) 216 x 228 x 252271 x 277 x 250
Weight (kg) 1322

All other sizes of the S-Series and SX-Series tow jacks are also available as CR-Series
models on request. Toe jacks of the XR-Series are not available in nickel plated.

Loadmoving skates with nickel plating can be found in the load moving skate CR-Series section.


The HTS ECO-Jack and ECO-Skate CR-Series has been built since 2003 and is designed for clean room machinery, the food and pharma industry as well as for parts of the chemical industry. All of the ECO-Jack and ECO-Skate (i- Series, DUO und ROTO) can be manufactured as a CR design with nickel plated surfaces and wear resistant nylon wheels.

ECO-Jack universal toe jacks feature

  • the patented lifting claw. It ensures a safe lifting of heavy goods and can be switched to another position with just one hand without the need of tilting movements.
  • a minimal self-weight. Due to improved design and the use of high quality material, the self-weight of the jacks could be reduced up to 20% compared to other jacks.
  • precision milled guides made of high resistant and high quality materials. They guarantee a precise lifting and lowering motion, thus ensuring a longproduct life.
  • a release valve, that allows subtle adjustment during the lowering process of an ECO-Jack.
  • strong swivelling legs which ensure a safe lifting process and prevent the jack from tipping over.
  • an external hose coupler as standard on the jacks with a load capacity of 10 tons and above. The drip free male hose coupler enables the user to attach an external pump.
  • Due to the side mounted grab handles the user can use the full stroke with the 225º rotating pump in all positions.

For all cases where a standard product is not sufficient, we offer special tailor made solutions to fit the customers needs.

Hydraulic Jacks EJ60-4SX-CR

Made in Germany

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