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When To Purchase Moving Skates

Moving Skates

Moving skates are the ideal solution to moving and positioning heavy loads, such as equipment or machinery, within the work area. While some features wheels or castors, others may be fitted with roller tracks. Some machine skates are designed to be pulled or pushed when in place; and many can be hooked up to a fork lift truck or similar to be manoeuvred with even greater ease.

When should you opt for machinery skates over other types of moving and lifting equipment, though? Well, it is a good idea to purchase these if you are routinely transporting heavy loads through the area. Other moving solutions often have too few wheels, or the wheels they do have are too small or too narrow for the loads in question. This results in undue pressure being exerted on the floor below, because the entire weight of the load is concentrated on a few, small wheels. It becomes harder to move the load and can result in scratches or skid marks on the factory or industrial floor. This in turn makes moving future loads more difficult too, as wheels will snag on the grooves in the floor. Not only that, but you are looking at the expense of repairs to your floor further down the line. Machinery skates and rollers, on the other hand, have wider wheels specially designed to spread the load and reduce friction. This facilitates the moving operation, even with the heaviest of loads; and prevents damage to the floors below. But what should you be looking for if you are investing in this kind of equipment for your workplace?

The main thing to stress is that you should never simply opt for the cheapest moving skates on the market. Like with anything else in life, you really do get what you pay for. If you intend to use this equipment regularly or over the longer term, you will want to invest in the best quality you can afford within your budget. It is false economy to purchase an inferior product that will only malfunction or break within a short space of time. Conversely, it’s worth being aware that the most expensive version is not necessarily the best either. If you select a top end model because of its ability to move loads beyond what you would normally require, then you are wasting your money too. The key to getting good value for money is to understand your requirements and choose the right solution for your own needs. In essence, the heavier the load you need to move, the more wheels you should opt for, to ensure excessive pressure is not exerted on the floor the load is being transported across. Typically, the machine skates for sale on the market today come with between two and eight load wheels.

If you are looking at purchasing moving skates for your workplace, you can do no better than to find a reliable and trusted supplier who will advise you on your options. That way, you’ll know you’re buying the right equipment for the job in hand. You’ll also benefit from good aftercare for maintenance and servicing issues.