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Moving Skates Have A Proven Track Record In Safely Moving Heavy Loads

Moving skates are also known as moving dollies or moving rollers. They are used in a range of industrial contexts such as manufacturing factories, warehouses, shipyards and fabrication sites to move heavy equipment and loads over short distances and manoeuvre them in the correct orientation into the desired space. They need to be used in conjunction with lifting equipment such as hydraulic toe jack, cranes or forklifts. This latter equipment raises the load, so that the skates can be fitted underneath and then lowers the load onto them at the start of the journey. The process is then reversed when the load reaches its destination.

Skates Are Used In Conjunction With Appropriate Lifting Equipment

Since their development in the 1950s, skates for moving heavy loads have proved so successful that they are now commonplace in many industrial work places. ‘Standard’ three load point wheeled skates have proved so good at safely moving heavy loads from six to 220 tons that ranges of load moving skates have been developed for specific jobs or for use in specific situations. In conjunction with appropriate lifting equipment, these have extended the applications of skates still further. Different types of wheel have been developed for different situations. Any load-carrying skate relies on it wheels. Nylon skate wheels have been developed for use where floor surfaces are very smooth and even. They offer very little rolling resistance, making heavy loads easier to move and manoeuvre. The high-density nylon means these wheels are very wear-resistant and do not easily mark floors. Polyurethane skate wheels have also been produced: these are able to deal with uneven floor surfaces more effectively under heavy loads. Since the material has some elastic properties, it can act as a shock absorber on more uneven surfaces whilst still carrying very heavy loads. It is a very durable wheel, being crack-resistant if cut and also resistant to oil, grease and gas. Where the heavy load is very wide, very long, or has a high centre of gravity, four-load point skates are available (i.e. with loading points in each corner). These provide extra stability, but can still be steered as the front skate is articulated.

Specialist Equipment Moving Skates Are Available

The ultimate four point heavy load moving skate, perhaps, is the skate which has been designed to move ISO shipping containers weighing from 12 to 96 tons. The best designs of these moving skates can be modified to any size of container, are steerable and can be attached by a pulling bar to a forklift or other pulling device. Each loading point has industry standard container cones or twistlocks, which secure the containers from sliding off the skates. Standard skate systems have a relatively large turning circle, so to turn loads in a smaller area, rotational skates are available with load ratings up to seven tons. These can rotate by up to 360 degrees, making very tight turning circles possible so that loads can be turned and located precisely. Where floors are more uneven, equipment moving skates are available with some suspension and hydraulic balancers. These provide individual suspension for each wheel in the skate, linked to hydraulic balance jacks which will push other wheels down when one wheel is heavily loaded. This balances the load by increasing the proportion of the load taken on the other wheels, thus reducing the load on the affected wheel. Where high hygiene levels are needed – for example, in the food industry, the pharmaceutical or chemical industry – skates which are nickel plated are available. These skates meet the hygiene standards required in these areas. One supplier that can provide the specialist skates above as well as a full range of standard skates is HTS Direct Limited.

HTS Direct Limited Supply Moving Skates For A Range Of Applications With Five-Year Warranties

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