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What Is The Best Way To Move Smaller Heavy Loads?

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There can be absolutely no doubt that the best lifting equipment combination for heavy loads is the toe jack/mechanical skates combination. So there’s nothing wrong with trying to find hydraulic toe jacks for sale for large loads, but what about these smaller loads? Is there any other type of equipment suited to these purposes?

The likes of hydraulic jack equipment (used to lift larger loads up from a floor) and the likes of machinery skates (used to then move the loads to a new location) can do this very job. It is even possible to find jacks and skates suited to smaller heavy loads. You can secure, for example, jacks that can handle just a few tons; but it is also possible to find jacks that can lift loads of up to 50 tons. When multiple jacks are used together, they can lift even larger loads. Skates can also manage anything from just a couple of tons up to even a couple of hundred tons. But this equipment isn’t necessarily the best equipment for moving heavy loads that are smaller in dimensions. Take, for example, heavy furniture, cabinets, safes and tall yet slim machines. What is the best way to transfer this equipment? There are a number of alternatives outside of the jack and skates combination for such purposes, but there is one such heavy load equipment that is definitely well suited to such situations.

There are special furniture movers or machine movers that have been crafted for the purposes of carrying such equipment. Acting as a trolley for slimmer heavy loads, this equipment can either be operated manually or can be operated through hydraulic power. The former works by having a person manually operate the machinery and apply the pressure to lift a load; whereas the latter uses hydraulic power to lift the load. As such, the hydraulic equipment will be able to lift up a load with minimum exertion from the operator. Also, the latter option works by utilising both elements found in hydraulic toe jacks for sale and those found in machinery skates and rollers. Once it is positioned in place, the load is then lifted using the mover and then positioned within the mover. Since the mover has built-in wheels, there is no need for any skates. This then allows the load to be easily moved either for the purposes of repositioning within a facility or as a vessel for movement onto a stock truck. As we said, the combination of jack and skates are undoubtedly the best for heavier loads of large dimensions, it is clear that the likes of movers are best for slimmer heavy loads.

So when it comes to the likes of furniture, safes or cabinets, machine movers (complete with lifting jack and built-in moving skates) are terrific for moving these loads in an industrial setting. However, for larger loads, it is best to find skates and hydraulic toe jacks for sale instead. As long as you find the right heavy load moving experts to help advise you on what would be best for your situation, you will secure the right load moving equipment.