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Hydraulic Toe Jacks For Sale In The UK – The ECO-Jack Series

Hydraulic toe jacks for sale in the UK is what you’ve likely been searching for. Of course, as with any good organisation, you want to find efficient, safe equipment at a good price. You’ve no doubt searched the internet for the perfect toe jack, but we’re here to point you in the right direction.

One such option is the ECO-Jack series which has been developed and produced in Germany. The ECO-Jack series has become an industry leader. It is a hydraulic jack with a claw capable of lifting anything from three to 10 tons. This is done via a patented lifting claw which not only means that heavy goods can be safely lifted, but it also means that it can be switched to another position easily with just one hand. The safety of this lifting equipment is further underlined by the use of strong swivel legs which prevent the jack from tipping over – making them ideal for situations where surface quality is a concern. And when it comes to the lowering process, you can make those small adjustments because of the release valve. Both the lifting and lowering process are made better through the use of precision milled guides which have been constructed with highly resistant, high-quality materials. For this reason, don’t expect the ECO-Jack to only last a short amount of time – it has been constructed as a device that will last for many years.

But can you easily purchase the ECO-Jack in the UK and in Ireland? Thankfully, you can through HTS Direct Limited. Our hydraulic toe jacks for sale are produced and manufactured in Germany, but we are the UK and Ireland supplier of ECO-Jacks. We will always supply a test certificate and a five-year warranty with each ECO-Jack purchased. For more information on our product range, just head over to, call +44 (0)1785-816747 or email

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