eMotion Skate

ECO-Skate® eMotion battery powered load moving skates

With the ECO-Skate® eMotion 40, loads up to 40 tonnes can be moved by remote control without any additional push or pull means. On three points of support, simultaneous driving and steering at up to 8 m/min. Speed and safe positioning is possible with the one-joystick proportional function of the remote control. Powered by state-of-the-art 48 V, 60 Ah lithium-iron phosphate battery technology and a running time of at least 3 hours under maximum load, the eMotion 40 can handle gradients of 2-3%. The advanced eMotion 40 Drive synchronous engine runs energy-saving and is fully digitally controlled by the eMotion 40 Drive Control eMDC3 motor control. Space-saving gearboxes in the drive wheels make the eMotion 40 an extremely compact vehicle with small external dimensions and a low installation height of only 180 mm. All of the ECO-Skate XL series skates with nylon wheels have the identical insertion height of 180 mm. Existing transport trolleys can therefore be used with the eMotion 40.

The following distinguishes the ECO-Skate® eMotion:

  • Compact design with small external dimensions
  • Simple steering with only one joystick
  • Powerful digitally controlled engines
  • Any existing XL-series can be combined
  • Ideal for applications when space is narrow (no need for pull means)

eMotion 40

Article Number
Load (kg) 20000
Dimensions L x B x H (mm) 1110 x 1394 x 180
Weight (kg) 236


Article Number
Load (kg) 2 x 10000
Dimensions L x B x H (mm) 464 x 215 x 180
Adjustability (mm) 220 - 1800
Weight (kg) 80

eMotion 40 + XN20S-B Set

Article Number +
Load (kg) 40000