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Machine Skates UK Wide – Are There Alternatives?

Machine skates UK wide are used on a regular basis across all sorts of industries. When combined with hydraulic jacks, they are a very good option when it comes to moving loads. In fact, they can sometimes be the only option. But perhaps you want to look at alternatives when it comes to load moving.

It’s wise to explore all of the options. One such option is the use of a mobile crane. These cranes can carry anything from under a ton to nearly 25 tons. The real advantage offered by mobile cranes over the likes of machine skates (when combined with hydraulic jacks for lifting), is that they can reach great heights. While jacks and skates work from the underside of the load, mobile cranes carry from the top. This allows them to reach equipment or parts that would be otherwise impossible. Ideally, they can be used in both indoor and outdoor situations – meaning they are well suited to a variety of surfaces; far more than skates and jacks. However, it really does depend on what you are looking for in terms of lifting equipment. Load skates can assist you to shift weights of between six and 220 tons, when used with the right kind of jack. The equipment required to move loads will almost certainly be much cheaper than purchasing a mobile crane. And more than that, you will not have to spend time and money either employing a dedicated crane operator or training one member of your existing staff to carry out the role.

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