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Machine Skates For Sale – Why Use Them?

Machine skates for sale may be something that you are looking at for your business right now. However, you may also be considering the value of having such gear. How often are you going to be moving loads? Is it worth having them around? We’ll answer these questions and more.

Machine skates allow workers to move massive pieces of machinery, equipment and goods around with ease when combined with hydraulic lifting equipment. For this reason, it’s very common to see skates in garages, workshops and industrial plants around the UK and around the world. If you are operating heavy machinery on your site, you may think that such machine equipment is irrelevant if you aren’t looking to make any changes to your floor space. However, there are important considerations to make before disregarding your need for skates and jacks. It may be the case that a piece of machinery is faulty or requires maintenance. How are you going to remove it? Without jacks or skates, you’re going to either have to fix it on the spot, if you can, or take it apart. The former option will be distracting for your staff and may not even be possible from its location; the latter option is time-consuming and will require a lot of labour in moving the machinery. For this reason, it’s absolutely worth having such skates and jacks around in case the need arises. You never know when machinery needs to be moved, so it’s best to prepare for such eventualities instead of playing costly catch up in the future.

So if you’re looking to find machine skates for sale, just come to HTS Direct Limited. We can provide quality skates and jacks at a great price. Our products also come with a five-year warranty and a test certificate of approval. Quality, durability and safety are factors we always consider in our load moving equipment. For more, visit, call us on +44 (0)1785-816747 or email

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