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Machine Skate Solutions Or Mobile Cranes – Which Is The Better Option?

Machine skate solutions or mobile cranes: which is the best when it comes to moving heavy loads? It’s a question that is actually asked quite a lot by a number of different businesses across a wide variety of industries that involve the movement of heavy loads on a regular or semi-regular basis.

The reality is that both skates and cranes or dollies have their advantages and disadvantages, and both have their places in industrial workplaces. Cranes have a terrific lifting power when utilised properly with quality hoist rings. However, not every workplace can accommodate a crane. For example, the use of a mobile crane may be impossible if there is limited space. So without the ability to use a mobile crane, the only lifting equipment that can offer an alternative is the combined use of hydraulic jacking and machine skates. Jacks and skates can be used in even cramped conditions. The jack does not need space to operate from and is applied directly underneath the heavy equipment in question. Once it has been lifted up into the air, skates are placed in the proper positions so that when the large equipment is lowered, it will balance on the skates. With steering and alignment bars in place, the equipment can then be manoeuvred, via the skates, from its location either by being gently pulled by workers or through the use of a vehicle. Both of the aforementioned options work very well, but the versatility of jacks and skates will always offer a solution in any load moving scenario.

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