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Machine Moving Skates UK Wide – What Does The Future Have In Store?

Machine moving skates UK wide are extremely popular in a variety of different industries. The popularity continues as many more companies realise they don’t need to outsource movement of their heavy loads and that they can actually perform this activity in-house with their own load moving equipment.

Today’s machine skates and hydraulic jacks are better than ever. They offer far more grip and stability than past versions. This makes it far less likely that any accidents will occur as a result of faulty equipment. Any accidents are likely to be down to human error. But as technology continues to accelerate at such a rapid rate, will we see even less human input when it comes to the future of heavy load movement and lifting equipment? Well, we’re already starting to see it today. Some companies have begun to develop and release state-of-the-art skates which – once furnished with a load – are able to transport heavy loads across floors without the need for a secondary steering object. Instead, the skates are controlled by remote control. Not only does this lessen the amount of equipment needed to perform heavy load moving, it also means that nobody will need to exert themselves when pulling a heavy load. This will inevitability reduce injuries and employee injury claims. The technology also opens up the possibility of more advancements arriving in the immediate future.

And at HTS Direct Limited, we’re heralding in the future. We launched our e-motion machine moving skates UK wide in 2015 which feature remote control and even a tiny turning circle, making it one of the most flexible and manoeuvrable skates ever created. We also have a full range of traditional, state-of-the-art jacks and skates available too. Check out our range at, call us on +44 (0)1785-816747 or email us via for more information.

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