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Machine Moving Skates Suppliers – Who Do You Trust?

Machine moving skates suppliers are certainly at a premium. As with any decision when it comes to buying equipment for your workplace, you need to carefully consider the options as well as the supplier of your equipment. But how do you know whether or not a supplier is trustworthy?

There are certainly a number of things to look out for in a good lifting equipment supplier, and a few things that will indicate whether or not you should avoid someone. One thing that should certainly raise alarm bells is a very poor or minimal description of the machine skates or hydraulic jacks you are looking to buy. Minimal information will not allow you to determine if the particular equipment is suited to the situation and environment that the gear will be used in. It also suggests that the seller doesn’t really know much about what they are selling. A good supplier will always supply description of their products, including vital specifications such as its capacity, its weight, the size, load area and so on. A good supplier of load moving equipment will also be able to build bespoke skates or jacks for certain situations unique to a particular company or industry. A reseller will not offer this service. Only a producer of good quality load moving equipment will be able to show their skills and build to specification. These are just a couple of things to watch out for when it comes to choosing which supplier to go with.

But you needn’t look far to find hydraulic jacks and machine moving skates suppliers that can offer all of the above. HTS Direct Limited features extensive specifications and details about our product range, and we are able to specially tailor-make solutions to suit your business’ needs. For more, please go to, call +44 (0)1785-816747 or email

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