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Machine Moving Skate And Jack Solutions – Why Are They Favoured Over Forklifts?

Machine moving skate and jack solutions are available across all industries. In a warehouse setting, it is commonly the way used to move large, heavy loads from one spot to another. However, some may think that forklifts are a better solution. Why have skates and jacks become so favoured over the likes of forklifts?

The reality of such a situation is that when it comes to heavy loads that also happen to be awkwardly shaped, machine skates and hydraulic jacks are truly the only logistical option available. While a large forklift truck could be used, it does have limitations in regards to both its lifting capacity and its shape. Many heavy loads would not be able to securely, and safely, fit onto a forklift. In the case that they do, you would still require a specially trained forklift driver on your staff. This either means you need to take on another employee or spend time and money training up one of your staff. And then there’s the whole issue of buying a forklift. When compared to the cost of hydraulic jacks and skates, there really is no competition. Forklifts offer great speed at low weights and when dealing with palettes, but any heavy loads should always be dealt with by the proper lifting equipment. In nearly all cases, this is going to be a good set of jacks and skates. And if you’re worried about skates out there being adequate, a good producer of heavy load equipment will be able to make custom equipment for your workplace needs.

That’s exactly what HTS Direct Limited do. We offer high-quality standard machine moving skate and jack options, as well as bespoke options for those requiring something more. To check out our range of ECO-Jack and ECO-Skate products, just visit To see about getting tailor-made equipment, just get in touch with our friendly sales team via or by phoning +44 (0)1785-816747.

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