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Product program for Industrial and Mini Cranes (Pick and carry cranes)

Minidrel B Industrial Crane

up to 25.000kg Capacity


GIA-Serie Mini Crane

up to 3.000kg Capacity


GB-Serie Mini Crane

up to 750kg Capacity


Specialist Suppliers of Mini Cranes

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We welcome you at HTS Direct Limited for high-end loading and lifting products. Your search for these products will end here at Staffordshire, where you get the most attractive deals, as well as, impeccable products. We are the most trusted name in the manufacturing industry with a rich history. Our team of technicians have upgraded themselves, as well as, the products constantly. If you have any requirement for lifting heavy goods in your industry and placing them elsewhere, our stock of HTS Pick and Carry Cranes is the most convenient option for you. The cranes are technologically advanced with all the latest equipment, and we guarantee you that these will be best suited for you. If not, then feel free to give your suggestion to our technicians, who are always ready to listen to your advice and make changes to the machines accordingly. At HTS Direct Limited, we take pride in the innovation of the HTS Pick and Carry Cranes and ample supply of these machines. We have a record of satisfying our customers’ needs and always look forward to serve you in better ways with our products.

Apart from the designs and innovation, we make sure that our products do not pose any harm to its users. Safety is one of the important things we have in mind whilst manufacturing the HTS Pick and Carry Cranes, and you need not worry about the machine malfunctioning at any given point of time. Our company also gives you many special offers and deals on different products. You just need to get in touch with us for the details about our lucrative offers and the efficiently-designed products. Call us quickly to not miss out on the deals.

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