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Minidrel S-Series

Gruniverpals Minidrel S-Series is making mould changing quicker and easier than ever before. The patented kinematic system and a number of advanced features give the Minidrel S-Series maximum versatility, including a great load capacity and accurate mould positioning. Even when space is limited its compact dimensions make handling easy, when using a remote or radio control just one operator is necessary to undertake mould changes.

The compact, yet strong construction of the Minidrel S-Series ensures constant operational and capacity rates are maintained and the complete elimination of oscillation during mould lifting and handling. It also enjoys exceptional levels of performance, thanks to special long-life, hydraulically controlled batteries and extremely competitive maintenance costs.


minidrel S Series

Minidrel 20 S

Minidrel 40 S

Minidrel 75 S

Minidrel 20S-H Minidrel 25S Minidrel 40s
Type 20S/20S-H 25S 40S
Part number (20S) (20S-H)
Max. capacity (kg) 2.0002.5004.000
Displaceable load (kg) 2.0002.5004.000
Telescopic extension (m) 1,201,201,50
Lifting height (m) 2,83/3,2804,604,60
Width (mm) 9501.4201.430
Wheel base (mm) 1.2501.8102.000
Dimensions L x B x H (m) 1,61 x 0,95 x 1,80 1,61 x 0,95 x 2,252,24 x 1,42 x 2,752,47 x 1,43 x 2,75
Weight (kg) 2.3005.9006.400

Minidrel S

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Minidrel 150S Minidrel 150S Minidrel S Mold Handling Cranes Minidrel 150S
Type 40S-T 50S 60S 60S-T
Part number
Max. capacity (kg) 4.5005.0006.0006.000
Displaceable load (kg) 4.5005.0006.0006.000
Telescopic extension (m) 1,501,501,501,50
Lifting height (m) 3,154,604,603,15
Width (mm) 1.4301.4301.4301.430
Wheel base (mm) 2.062.2502.5002.570
Dimensions L x B x H (m) 2,55 x 1,43 x 2,202,72 x 1,43 x 2,752,97 x 1,43 x 2,752,96 x 1,43 x 2,20
Weight (kg) 6.2006.9007.3007.400
Minidrel 150S Minidrel 150S Minidrel 150S Minidrel 150S
Type 75S 90S 120S 150S
Part number
Max. capacity (kg) 7.50010.00012.00015.000
Displaceable load (kg) 7.50010.00012.00015.000
Telescopic extension (m) 1,501,501,501,50
Lifting height (m) 4,805,205,205,20
Width (mm) 1.4901.4901.7801.780
Wheel base (mm) 2.6002.9203.5003.500
Dimensions L x B x H (m) 3,23 x 1,49 x 2,953,54 x 1,49 x 3,354,16 x 1,78 x 3,354,16 x 1,78 x 3,35
Weight (kg) 8.90012.60014.60016.800

Operational features:

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Some of the many options you can choose from are

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Foldable Jib

Foldable Jib,
manually adjusted

Remote control with cable

Remote control
with cable

Foldable Jib

Foldable Jib,
hydrauliclly controlled
jib articulation

Radio remote control

Radio remote control
with Joysticks

Electro-hydraulic winches


Dynamometer weighing

Dynamometer weighing
with display in control panel
or in the remote control unit

Electro-hydraulic winches

winches with additional
adjustability to the side
for pricise positioning

Remote control with cable

Foldable roller table
with hydraulic push or pull

Ultra sonic sensor

Ultra sonic sensor
crane stops automatically
if activated

Additional options

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  • Electro-hydraulic winch
  • Bespoke elevation height and slewing boom
  • Automatic wheeled load separator for fragile flooring
  • Remote control and/or joystick radio control
  • Mould-holder roller platform with pusher element and ultra sound sensors
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