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HTS wheels for ECO-Skate Load Moving Systems

HTS polyurethane wheels

Ø85, Ø140 and Ø180

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Click an image to enlarge → PU 85x87 PU 140x85 PU 180x89
TypePU Ø85PU Ø140PU Ø180
Part number11.085.00.1411.140.00.2511.180.01.25
max. capacity (kg)75022.75
Outside Ø (mm)Ø85Ø140Ø180
Bearing Ø (mm)Ø25Ø30Ø30
Length (mm)878589
Weight (kg)1,23,27,2
For use ini-Series, ROTO R, DUOi-Series XL, ROTO RX, DUO XL, ISO-CON, BALANCEBIG

HTS nylon wheels

Ø85, Ø140 and Ø180

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Click an image to enlarge → NY 85x87 NY 140x85 NY 180x89
TypeNY Ø85PU Ø140PU Ø180
Part number11.085.00.1411.140.10.2511.180.11.25
max. capacity (kg)12.54
Outside Ø (mm)Ø85Ø140Ø180
Bearing Ø (mm)Ø25Ø30Ø30
Length (mm)878589
Weight (kg)0,72,03,0
For use iniN-Series, ROTO RN, CR-SeriesiN-Series XL, ROTO RNX, eMotionBIGplus SPEZIAL

HTS polyurethane wheels

HTS was the first manufacturer which used HTS 3-component polyurethane on all ECO-Skate® load moving system as standard since 2000. The material was developed with one of the most sophisticated companies manufacturing wheels in Europe in order to reach the highest quality and safety standards. Due to the fully automated production process the HTS polyurethane wheels have a perfect adhesion on the steel core. They have a long service life and are very wear resistant on common industrial floors. The material is crack-resistant in case of a cut i.e. steel sheaves as well as oil-, grease, and gas-resistent. Due to the elastic characteristics of the HTS polyurethane the material provide shock absorbtion and eliminates uneven floors as much as possible.

PU Zugevrsuch
NY 140x85

HTS nylon wheels

The ECO-Skate® load moving systems with nylon wheels are designed for smooth and even floors. They are manufactured off an extruded nylon block and are therefore very high quality and very wear resistant and non marking. The high load moving capacities come from the special design applied as well as the high quality material not made from a tube which could bend easily.

HTS nylon wheels have a very little rolling resistance for easy handling of big weights manually or pulling devises can be smaller than with other wheels.

ST Rolle Eingebaut

HTS steel wheels

For extreme conditions HTS offers ECO-Skates with steel wheels. The wheels are well-made and durable enough to withstand the onslaught of any kind of industrial application. Please send your request for this special application.

All of our ECO-Skate load moving systems come with standard wheels, but you can place an order separately as per your requirements. If you need any kind of assistance or need more information, do not hesitate to speak to one of our expert staff.

Specialist Suppliers of wheels for ECO-Skate Load Moving Systems

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At HTS Direct Limited, we equip all of our well-designed, robust transport trolleys with premium quality wheels. These are exclusively made parts that we do not offer on the standard market, but product them as per our customers’ requirements and needs. Our broad selection of skate wheels includes polyurethane wheels, nylon wheels and steel wheels that perfectly complement our ECO-Skate load moving systems. In polyurethane wheels, we mix the individual components in such a way that they meet the highest safety requirements and standards of quality. The same is applied to the production of nylon wheels and steel wheels.

Our sturdy and sought-after selection of skate wheels have been a result of years of practical expertise and experience. The production of these wheels showcases our engineering and design prowess. We continue to improve our product line by implementing the feedback that we receive from our customers into our product development process. Thanks to our favourable location in Staffordshire, we are able to make deliveries throughout the UK.

The entire team of HTS Direct Limited strive hard to ensure that the skate wheels are always in stock so that if you have an urgent requirement, we can immediately help you out. However, if our existing products do not solve your load moving problem, you can contact us for a personalised solution. Since we are one of the leading manufacturers of wheels for ECO-Skate load moving systems, we are confident that we will be able to come up with a solution that best suits your specific needs.

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