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The ISO Container Skate System


Load moving skates for ISO-Containers up to 48 tons (additional size on request)

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12 or 48 tons as single or set capacity

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Click an image to enlarge → Machine Moving Skate i120D IC Machine Moving Skate i120S IC Machine Moving Skate IC120D / IC120S Set ISO CON Kegel
TypeIC120DIC120SIC120D / IC120S SetISO CON Kegel
Part number10.120.00.3510.120.00.25

Off-slide protection with a container cone

Capacity (kg)122 x 6.00024.000
Rollengröße (mm)Ø 85 x 87 PUØ 85 x 87 PU
Wheels size2 x 82 x 8
Load area (mm)Ø 150 + Cone120 x 220 + Cone
Dimensions L x B x H (mm)
Handle length (mm)1.1-
Distance cone to cone (mm)2.262.26
Weight (kg)
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Load moving skates for ISO-Containers

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16 or 32 tons as single or set capacity

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Click an image to enlarge → Machine Moving Skate iX16D IC Machine Moving Skate iX16S IC Machine Moving Skate ICX16D / ICX16S Set ISO CON TLS
Part number10.160.02.3510.160.00.25

Off-slide protection with
TLS Twist-Lock-System

Capacity (kg)2 x 8.0002 x 8.00032
Wheels size (mm)Ø 140 x 85 PUØ 140 x 85 PU
Anzahl der Rollen2 x 42 x 4
Load area (mm)Ø 170 + TLS*322×196 + TLS*
Dimensions L x B x H (mm)880 x 2628 x 299
Handle length (mm)1.5-
Distance cone to cone (mm)2.262.26
Weight (kg)191104
Fact SheetFact Sheet

*TLS = Twist Lock System

The ECO-Skate ISO-CON and ECO-Skate ISO-CON XL Load moving systems are ideal for the ISO-Container transport. The skates can be modified to any size of the containers. Both the ECO-Skate ISO-CON and ISO-CON XL container skates are equipped with high quality HTS polyurethane wheels. The ECO-Skate ISO-CON Skates for containers with a wheel size of Ø85mm come with container cones which secure the containers from sliding off the skates. The bigger and stroger ECO-Skate ISO-CON XL container skates system with a wheel size of Ø140mm are equipped with our TLS (Twist-Lock-System) to lock and secure the container on the Skate System.


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Following features are intergated in the ECO-Skate ISO-CON series:

  • Pulling and alignment bars
    The steerable ECO-Skate ISO-CON are delivered with a pulling bar to conect to a i.e. fork truck or other pulling device.
    The alignment bars are made to fit the width of the container corners.
  • HTS Polyurethane wheels
    All Skates are built with our high quality HTS polyurethane wheels. The wheels can be ordered induvidually.
    Versions with HTS Nylon wheels on request.
  • Special dimesions
    The complete system can be adjusted to any customer needs.

For all cases where a standard product is not sufficient, we offer special tailor made solutions to fit the customers needs.

Our custom and standard solutions can power up your load moving operations. If you are seeking detailed information regarding our ECO-Skate ISO-CON offerings, get in touch with our professionals. Get a reasonable quote from us.


Specialist Suppliers of Heavy Duty Moving Skates

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ECO-Skate ISO-CON is a revolutionary range of industrial skates from HTS Direct, meant specifically for use with ISO-containers. The ISO-CON range contains a large selection of single and set capacity variations to meet the operational requirements of businesses. We use the choicest quality of materials to construct our ISO skates, to ensure benchmark durability and flawless performance. Our skilled professionals build robust container skates in several weight classes, along with appropriate ISO-CON kegels. We manufacture machine moving skates with capacities ranging from 12 tons to 48 tons. The basic product varieties we provide are the ISO-CON and ISO-CON XL, with the XL having higher load capacity and a TLS locking system.

We are renowned specialists in the domain of industrial moving skate equipment manufacturing. Our ISO-CON and ISO-CON XL product choices are ideal for all types of ISO-container moving applications. Apart from remarkably high load capacities, our load moving systems also contain a powerful set of features for hassle-free operation. Owing to their sturdy modern construction, our ISO movers are the prefered choices of numerous industrial organisations. We provide variations of parameters including capacity, dimensions, load area, cone to cone distance, weight and wheel size. You can be assured of benchmark performance and continual reliability with our solutions.

We can create custom dimensions and tweak the features of our standardised options based on the purpose-specific requirements of our clients. You can expect the same level of efficiency and consistent performance from all varieties of our machine moving skates. The ISO-CON and ISO-CON XL product ranges contain high-quality wheels and fasteners to offer you the best results.

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