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Load moving systems for 4 load points
12 tons - 96 tons

12 tons

24 tons as set

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Click an image to enlarge → Machine Moving Skate i60D Machine Moving Skate i120D Machine Moving Skate i120D and i120S Set
Type iD60 iD120 i120D and i120S Set
Part number einer Kombination
Capacity (kg) 2 x 3,0002 x 6,00024,000
Wheels size (mm) Ø 85 x 87 PUØ 85 x 87 PU
Number of wheels 2 x 42 x 8
Load area (mm) 2 x Ø 1502 x Ø 150
Dimensions L x B x H (mm) 665 x 1,280 x 110950 x 1,780 x 110
Handle length (mm) 1,2001,200
Adjustability (mm) 5 x 560 - 1,0005 x 700 - 1,300
Weight (kg) 47

48 tons

96 tons as set

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Click an image to enlarge → Machine Moving Skate iX16D Machine Moving Skate iXD32
Type iXD16 iXD32 iXD48
Part number
Capacity (kg) 2 x 8,0002 x 16,0002x 24,000
Wheels size (mm) Ø 140 x 85 PUØ 140 x 85 PUØ 140 x 85 PU
Number of wheels 2 x 42 x 82 x 12
Load area (mm) 2 x Ø 1702 x Ø 2202 x Ø 220
Dimensions L x B x H (mm) 940 x 2,080 x 1801,500 x 2,610 x 1801,820 x 3,150 x 180
Handle length (mm) 1,5001,5001,500
Adjustability (mm) 5 x 700 - 1,5004 x 1,300- 1,9003 x 1,600 - 2,200
Weight (kg) 399


The ECO-Skate DUO can be combined with other ECO-Skate i-Series, ROTO or i-Series XL to provide a 4-point load moving system. They are designed for extra long or wide machines or a high located barycenter where a 3-point load system does not work.

Load moving systems of the ECO-Skate DUO-Series have the following features

  • Steering and alignment bar
    The DUO-Series load moving systems are standard equipped with steering and alignment bars. Special lengths are availabe on request.
  • Combinable
    All ECO-Skate DUO-Series load moving systems can be combined with all other suitable skate systems such as ROTO and i-Series or i-Series XL and BALANCE. The sum of each skate equals the total carrying capacity.
  • HTS Polyurethane wheels
    All skates are standard equipped with HTS Poyurethane wheels. They are available as spare parts for other manufactured skates as well. On request and if the floor allows it we can supply all skates with Nylon wheels.
  • Special attachments can be produced upon request i.e. for ISO Containers etc.

For all cases where a standard product is not sufficient, we offer special tailor made solutions to fit the customers needs.

iN60D Sonder Original

Made in Germany

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