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ECO-Skate CR-Series

Clean Room Technology
All skates and jacks available with clean room technology

Tech ES CR

Part number12.040.01.1012.040.01.2012.080.01.1012.080.01.20
Capacity (kg)4,0002 x 2,0008,0002 x 4,000
Capacity as a Set (kg )8,0008,00016,00016,000
Wheel dimension (mm)Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87
Number of wheels42 x 282 x 4
Load area (mm)Ø 150140 x 150Ø 150120 x 220
Dimensions L x B x H (mm)270 x 238 x 110228 x 140 x 110325 x 479 x 110291 x 220 x 110
Handle length (mm)1,000-1,000-
Adjustability (mm)-140 - 1,000-300 - 1,100
Gewicht (kg)11,811,320,724,3
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Tech ES CR

Part number12.120.01.1012.120.01.2012.160.01.1012.160.01.20
Capacity (kg)12,0002 x 6,00016,0002 x 8,000
Capacity as a set (kg )24,00024,00032,00032,000
Wheel dimension (mm)Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87
Number of wheels122 x 6162 x 8
Load area (mm)Ø 170180 x 190Ø 170200 x 220
Dimension L x B x H (mm)525 x 785 x 110270 x 238 x 110525 x 988 x 110291 x 380 x 110
Handle length (mm)1,200-1,200-
Adjustability (mm)-300 - 1,100-300 - 1,100
Weight (kg)5026,95934,9
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Tech ES CR

Part number12.080.01.3012.120.01.3012.027.01.4012.045.01.40
Capacity (kg)2 x 4,0002 x 8,0002,7004,500
Wheel dimension (mm)Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87Ø 85 x 87
Number of wheels2 x 42 x 835
Load area (mm)2 x Ø 1502 x Ø 150Ø 150Ø 220
Dimensions L x B x H (mm)665 x 1,264 x 110720 x 1,845 x 110500 x 490 x 110620 x 565 x 110
Handle length (mm)1,2001,200--
Adjustability (mm)5 x 560 - 1,0005 x 700 - 1,300--
Weight (kg)47801939
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Steering and alignment bar

The i-Series load moving systems are standard equipped with steering and alignment bars.
Special length are available on request.


Nickle plated surface and wear resistant Nylon wheels

All CR-Series skates come with a nickle plated surface and white wear resistant nylon wheels which can be used in clean room areas.



All ECO-Skate i-Series load moving systems can be combined with all other suitable skate systems. The sum from each skate equals the total carrying capacity.


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The HTS CR-Series has been in production since 2003 and was made for applications in clean rooms, the food industry, as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The CR series machine skates are also used in research or medical technology. All standard HTS ECO-Skates (i- Series, DUO and ROTO) can be supplied as CR-Series with nickel plated surfaces and wear resistant nylon wheels. The load moving skates showcase a compact design with galvanised surfaces. The slip-proof rubber pad integrated with the design of the skates makes sure that goods to be transported do not slip off. You can count on the goods to be transported without any damage. They are available in twelve different variants for you to choose from as per your requirements. Whilst the iN40L-CR comes with 4 wheels, the iN80L-CR come with 8 wheels. Browse through our entire C-series range to make your choice.

Auslegerverlaengerung Hydr

Specialist Suppliers of Heavy Duty Moving Skates

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HTS Direct Limited brings to you an innovative selection of ECO-Skate load moving skates that are specifically engineered and manufactured to be robust, user-friendly and maintenance-free. Our versatile collection of skates is exactly what you need for transporting machines from one place to the other without any hassle. You can also use the rollers in the container movement or in production lines.

The skates feature non-marking, high-quality nylon wheels, which has an extremely low rolling resistance. They are made up of sold material and not manufactured by injection moulding. This is why they are high in quality and resistant to any kind of abrasion. You can achieve high payloads using our CR series machine skates that cannot be achieved by any other skates with rolls made of traditional nylon tubes. If you want, you can place an order from HTS Direct Limited separately.

In any application area where our standard range of CR series machine skates are insufficient, HTS Direct Limited’s team of engineers will design a bespoke solution. We will produce skates that are specifically customised to the individualised needs of our customers. So, get in touch with our expert team to discuss your unique needs and our team will get back to you with the best possible solution at the earliest. Made in Germany

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