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Machine Moving Skates

Product Overview

HTS Load Moving Skates Available with HTS Polyurethane or HTS Nylon Wheels

ECO-Skate i-Series

The load moving skates from 6 to 24 tons*


ECO-Skate i-Series XL

Big load moving skates with single supported wheels from 32 to 128 tons*



Bigger load moving skates with single supported wheels from 88 to 220 tons*



360° rotating skates from 2.4 to 6 tons


ECO-Skate DUO (PU)

Skates for 4 load points



Skates with hydraulic balancer


ECO-Skate iN-Series

The load moving skates from 6 to 24 tons*


ECO-Skate iN-Series XL

The XL load moving skates with single supported wheels from 40 to 120 tons*



360° rotating skates from 2.7 to 7 tons


ECO-Skate DUO (NY)

Skates for 4 load points  from 16 to 160 tons*


ECO-Skate CR-Series

Skates for clean rooms and more


HTS wheels

HTS wheels for ECO-Skate load moving systems


*Carrying capacities as set with similar single capacities per skate.

Machine Moving Skates

ECO-Skate Load moving systems

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ECO-Skate load moving systems are user-friendly, sturdy designed, have low-maintenance and offer a large variety of models to satisfy any Machine Moving Skates demand. Applications range from machinery moving to the use in production lines or container handling.

For all cases where a standard product is not sufficient, we offer special tailor-made solutions to fit the customers needs.

Machine Moving Skate



High quality polyurethane wheels

As standard with all ECO-Skates


Swiveling wheel boxes

Starting at i90L, to absorbe and level uneven floors.


Compact built

Each wheel of the ECO-Skate i-Series XL is induvidually supported.


Protected supporting wheel

i90L and i120L have a supporting wheel within the grab handle.


Foldable alignment bars

i60S – i120S.


Pulling eyes

Standard starting i90L.


Powder coated or zinc plated surfaces



All suitable skates can be combine with each other.


Anti slip rubber pad

Protects the load of sliping of the skates.


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Big Presse

iX48L and iX64S moving a press.

Specialist Suppliers of Heavy Duty Moving Skates

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Are you looking for some help to move a heavy object easily and safely? HTS Direct Limited offers machine moving skates that are just the device you require to get your job done. When you notice that moving a piece of machinery is getting difficult in spaces like a multi-story building or an office space, you can resort to our machine moving skates. With unmatched versatility, they are one of the cleanest approaches of conveniently moving objects.

We are a 40-year-old German firm offering efficiently designed moving equipment for various industries. Our inventive capability goes back to 1970 when we had devised the earliest machine moving skates with a capacity to hold a weight of 30 tonnes. What had started as a groundbreaking idea has now evolved into a landmark effort. Today, we are one of the most sought after names in the load lifting domain.

When it comes to moving heavy loads, HTS has you covered with our extensive range of load moving skates and rollers. As a significant supplier of machine moving skates in the United Kingdom, we keep the best of your interests in mind and ease of use. Be it the ECO-Skate i-Series XL or the ECO-Skate ROTO, we are equipped with a holistic collection.

These heavy duty industrial skates come in a variety of sizes and capacities and can be used on their own or in conjunction with one another to create bespoke load moving systems suited to your own particular needs.

Our ECO-Skate line of machine skates is a marvel of load moving technology. Benefiting from high-quality polyurethane wheels as standard, and mounted on swivelling wheel boxes, these compactly constructed load skates are able to manoeuvre uneven surfaces as easily as flat ones, making the movement of heavy machinery and other bulky items as easy as can be. What works here is that the skates homogeneously distribute the weight of the object that is being moved on the floor.

Given their size and flexibility, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they lack in the lifting department, but nothing could be further from the truth. With a strong construction and turnable features, our products are one of the best in the market. Our skates feature varied working load limits. Whilst purchasing our products, ensure to select the skates that match the working load extent for your task. For instance, in case you are moving a 33-ton load, you must opt for a skate that can support a weight of maximum till 60 tonnes. Our smallest model is capable of handling 3 tonnes, while our largest can manage anything up to 220 tonnes. Equipped with a larger base, this makes it the perfect solution for shipping container moving equipment.

Anti-slip rubber pads and protected supporting wheels provide added stability and safety while your items are being moved, for the protection of your workers. The different models in the ECO-Skate line can be combined to handle even bigger loads. This level of customisation is unheard of among other moving skate manufacturers, but we’re prepared to go a step further. Should you not be able to find a suitable combination of load skates to handle the lifting job you have in mind, our team of specialist technicians will create a bespoke skate solution, hand-tailored to meet your specific requirements.

From our BALANCE model, with its in-built hydraulic balance, to our nickel-plated CR-Series, suitable for use in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, we believe that we have the perfect load moving solution for you.

Browse our full range online, or call our specialist sales team on 01785 816747 to discuss your requirements. We are sure that you will find something of your preference.

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