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Hydraulic Jacks Air Lifting Equipment

Product Overview

ECO-Jack S-Series

The original design. Integrated hydraulic unit. Lifting capacities from 3 to 25 tons


ECO-Jack SX-Series

The compact design. For external pumps capacities from 6 to 25 tons


ECO-Jack XR-Series

The fast jack with integrated pull back system for external pumps Capacities from 4, 5 to 50 tons


ECO-Jack G-Series

The original fork lift jack. Low profile lifting law with integrated hydraulic unit. 5 and 10 tons


ECO-Jack CR-Series

All off our hydraulic jacks are available with nickle plated surface for the food industry and clean room technology



Air lifting bags are a supplement to the hydraulic jack programme. Air jack lifting capacities up to 66 tons



Universal Toe Jacks

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Hydraulic Jacks & Toe Jacks

ECO Jack universal toe jacks are available in five different series up to 50 tons load capacity.

HTS Direct Limited’s broad range of universal hydraulic toe jacks set a benchmark in loaf lifting systems and they all feature:

  • the patented lifting claw. It ensures a safe lifting of heavy goods and can be switched to another position with just one hand without the need of tilting movements.
  • a minimal self-weight. Due to improved design and the use of high quality material, the self-weight of the jacks could be reduced up to 20% compared to other jacks, and therefore, can be handled easily even in the most extreme situations.
  • precision milled  guides made of high resistant and high quality materials. They guarantee a precise lifting and lowering motion, thus ensuring a long product life.
  • a release valve, that allows subtle adjustment during the lowering process of an ECO-Jack.
  • strong swivelling legs which ensure a safe lifting process and prevent the jack from tipping over.
  • an external hose coupler as standard on the jacks with a load capacity of 10 tons and above. The drip free male hose coupler enables the user to attach an external pump.

For all cases where a standard product is not sufficient, we offer special tailor made solutions to fit the customers needs. Submit to us your specific requirements and our dedicated team will revert with the perfect solution.

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Patented comfort

Our ECO-Jack range of hydraulic jacks is developed with usability in mind. Simply grip the claw, take it out and replace it in the desired position. Done simply and ergonomically with a single handed operation.

High-quality replacement parts

At HTS Direct Limited, we not only manufacturer hydraulic jacks to the highest standard of specifications, but also supply sturdy replacement parts. Our high-grade lifting systems come with industry-leading warranties.

ECO Jack

The ECO-Jack range of industrial hydraulic jacks are the ideal solution to all your lifting and raising needs. Our extensive range of heavy duty mechanical lifting equipment guarantees that there will be something in stock that meets your requirements.

With our smallest hydraulic jack still capable of an impressive 3 ton capacity, it immediately becomes apparent just how versatile our machines are. We have 5 ton and 10 ton capacity claw jacks, ideal for fork trucks, as well as our nickel-plated CR-Series of toe jacks, designed for use in the catering industry and sterile environments. For even heavier lifting, our SX-Series of hydraulic claw jacks lift anywhere between 6 tons and 25 tons, depending on specification, and are operated with a separate external pump.

Whatever your lifting needs, from claw jacks to toe jacks, there is an ECO-Jack solution available for you. Check out individual models for more information.

When you have to lift equipment in confined areas or use more than one jack simultaneously, our XR-series equipped with pull-back system speeds up and eases the lifting process. Thanks to its compact design, its weight can be reduced up to 30% and one person can easily operate it. By using an electrical or mechanical external pump, a person can use multiple hydraulic jacks from our XR-series at the same time.

Hydraulic joe jack

Specialist Suppliers of Hydraulic Jacks and Toe Jacks

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HTS Direct Limited’s hydraulic jacks and toe jacks have earned a reputation for being robust and reliable. Our products are widely used for heavy hauling, maintenance, rigging and so on. Thriving on years of expertise in load lifting technologies, we offer an innovative product line of hydraulic jack ECO-Jack. Designed and manufactured with great precision, ECO-Jack hydraulic jacks and toe jacks find practical applications in a range of environments.

The user-friendly make of our industry-grade patented one-hand lifting claw guarantees safe lifting of the payload. You can easily adjust the listing claw’s positional height with just one hand. There is no need to locate through uncomfortable angles. Our hydraulic jacks and toe jacks can be used easily and the risk of injury is minimal. Our product also comes with an integrated pump that does not require any additional equipment. You may choose to connect electric or manual pumps for your convenience.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you find the most efficient lifting machine for your needs.

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