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ACTEK WOH-Series – Hoisting Hooks


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  • 4:1 safety factor
  • Weldable
  • For excavators, crane systems for fork trucks and more


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WOH Series hoisting hooks

TypePart NumberCapacity
LxB (mm)Dimensions (mm)Weight
 WOH1000200.590.1001.00090 x 251767622240,4
 WOH2000200.590.2002.000130 x 3524810528291,25
WOH3200200.590.2003.200160 x 45301013247372,35
WOH6400200.590.6406.400170 x 50401013850473,6

Read safety instructions! Technical changes and misconceptions reserved.

Specialist Suppliers of ACTEK WOH-Series Hoist Rings

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HTS Direct is a leading distributor of ACTEK WOH-Series hoisting hooks for industrial organisations in the UK and rest of Europe. It is a product range offering options for efficient heavy load hoisting operations. The WOH-Series range of hoisting hooks are especially preferred by clients for applications such as excavators, and fork truck crane systems. ACTEK hoist rings and hooks undergo several levels of testing to ascertain quality and peak performance. All models offered by us under this range are weldable. We distribute several dimension varieties to suit the varying needs of our customers’ industrial applications. The load capacity of these hoisting hooks ranges from 1 ton to upwards of 6 tons.

The ACTEK WOH-Series hoisting hooks are constructed from the industry-best materials, making them quite durable and sturdy. These hooks are versatile and ensure flawless industrial hoisting for a great number of purposes. WOH-Series is a sophisticated range of tools meant for consistent and heavy usage. Your industrial operations can experience dynamic improvements through the utilisation of the WOH-Series of hooks. The products under this range also come with a safety factor ratio of 4:1, thereby ensuring complete security during intensive operations. It is one of the standout ACTEK product ranges distributed by us in Europe.

ACTEK WOH-Series hooks are examples of intelligent design and engineering and meet the needs of most modern industrial organisations. You can experience considerable ease of use with the strong yet lightweight WOH-Series hoisting hooks. As leading distributors of ACTEK hoist rings and hooks, we can offer our customers competitive rates for these tools. You can avail several model varieties, based on their dimensions, load capacity, and weight.

Are you an industrial business owner interested in exploring the solutions offered by the ACTEK WOH-Series? Get in touch with us to know more.

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