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ACTEK WHRS-Series – Hoist Rings


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  • 4:1 safety factor
  • Swivels 180°
  • Magnetc partical inspected
  • Weldable
  • With spring


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WHRS Series hoist rings

Part NumberTypeCapacity
Dimensions (mm)Weight
 200.505.991WHRS 11201.120403641133889290,35
200.505.996WHRS 20002.000423848144098300,50
200.505.992WHRS 31503.1501543481742105360,65
200.505.993WHRS 53005.3005550572260133461,50
200.505.994WHRS 80008.0007065662670155512,40
200.505.995WHRS 1500015.0009790943490208656,30

Read safety instructions! Technical changes and misconceptions reserved.

Specialist Suppliers of ACTEK WHRS-Series Hoist Rings

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HTS Direct distributes ACTEK WHRS-Series hoist ring products to meet the rising demand for quality solutions of our international base of clients. The WHRS-Series is a revolutionary yet proven product range that ensures benchmark hoisting performance for a great number of industrial applications. We are prominent distributors of authentic and quality-tested ACTEK WHRS-Series hoist rings for our clients in the UK. This range of products is known for many of its range of powerful features and finds many takers across industry sectors. Since we distribute many models of ACTEK hoist rings, you can consult with us to know the best option. The WHRS hoist rings can make a marked difference for your operational efficiency.

ACTEK WHRS-Series Hoist Rings are built with sturdy industry-grade materials and provide a great amount of strength for heavy load lifting. The WHRS-Series models can swivel up to 180 degrees to ensure flexible operations. Each WHRS-Series hoist ring distributed by us undergoes precise magnetic particle inspection. This range of hoist rings also come with a 4:1 safety ratio to ensure maximum safety during intensive hoisting activities. All the WHRS-Series models come with spring systems and are weldable. We supply several variations capable of hoisting different levels of load. ACTEK hoist rings are chosen by many industrial businesses due to their durability and noteworthy ease of use.

WHRS-Series Hoist Rings are versatile tools that enable highly-efficient inspection phase and production purpose hoisting. The load capacity of these hoist rings can be as high as 15 tons, depending on the model in use. ACTEK WHRS rings are lightweight yet sturdy, and ideal for various industry-level applications. Utilising these tools within your workflow can help you generate better efficiency.

Prospective buyers can get in touch with us to know more regarding the available ACTEK WHRS-Series options.

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