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ACTEK WHR-Series – hoist rings


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  • 4:1 safety factor
  • Swivels 180°
  • Magnetc partical inspected
  • Weldable


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WHR-Series hoist rings

Part NumberTypeCapacity
Dimensions (mm)Weight
 200.505.598WHR 1120 1.120403641133889290,35
200.505.597WHR 20002.000423848144098300,50
200.505.599WHR 31503.150045 43481742105360,65
200.505.768WHR 53005.3005550572260133461,50
200.505.769WHR 80008.0007065662670155512,40
200.505.770WHR 1500015.0009790943490208656,30

Read safety instructions! Imperical sizes on request. Technical changes and misconceptions reserved.

Specialist Suppliers of ACTEK WHR-Series Hoist Rings

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Where do you go when you want ace quality lifting goods for your industry? Your answer lies in Staffordshire in the West Midlands where Stefan and Michael Koch have founded HTS Direct Limited. We deliver the products with utmost care and make sure that the designs we offer are trendy and in sync with the new-age technology. There has been good customer reviews about the HTS ACTEK WHR-Series – Hoist Rings that fulfil all the requirements and work excellently in a lifting industry. However, if you have any complaint regarding the product, do not hesitate and share your concern with our technicians. We are prompt enough to take your suggestions into account and ensure that they get it right.

HTS Direct Limited remains unparalleled in the market in terms of providing lifting products. Our goodwill is so widely spread that not only in the UK, but people from all over Europe are demanding the HTS ACTEK WHR-Series – Hoist Rings. Nobody has ever given any negative feedback about the product, and we assure you about the longevity of the hoist rings.

HTS Direct Limited has been in the market of Europe for long. Though located in Staffordshire, it is reachable to almost everybody. Our main motto is to guarantee customer satisfaction, and we do not compromise on the quality of the products ever. If you have ever bought the HTS ACTEK WHR-Series – Hoist Rings, you will have understood by now about the kind of quality service we provide you with. Reach out to us with an email or a call for further details about our company and our products.

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