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ACTEK SSHR-Series – hoist rings



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  • 5:1 safety factor
  • 200% proof load tested
  • Serial number for traceability
  • Rotates 360° and swivels 180°
  • Magnetic partical inspected
  • Easy mounting – only one hole or thread necessary
  • Stainless steel


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Part NumberTypeCapacity
SF* 5:1
SF* 4:1
ThreadDimensions (mm)max.
 200.058.912SSHR 200200250M8113218101368472540,17
200.058.916SSHR 250250312M10113018101868472580,17
200.058.924SSHR 525525656M1222603019191218951181,08
200.059.124SSHR 525L525656M12221103019191718951181,08
200.058.930SSHR 9509501.187M1622563019291218951401,12
200.059.130SSHR 950L9501.187M16221063019291718951401,12
 200.058.936SSHR 10751.0751.343M2022523019341218951681,19
 200.059.136SSHR 1075L2.0751.343M20221023019341718951681,19
 200.058.942SSHR 15001.5001.875M20367843253216613176683,03
 200.059.142SSHR 1500L1.5001.875M2036118432532206513176683,03
 200.058.948SSHR 21002.1002.625M243674432537166131761083,1
 200.059.148SSHR 2100L2.1002.625M2436114432537206131761083,1
200.059.950 SSHR 21002.1002.625M3036108432558206131763183,1
 200.058.956SSHR 35003.5004.375M3045106543242222165953186,3
 200.058.966SSHR 55005.5006.875M365716671446431721712454215,5
 200.058.968SSHR 62506.2507.812M425716071448231721712454216
 200.058.970SSHR 67506.7508.437M485715471448231721712454216,8
 200.058.972SSHR 1115011.15013.937M647620410357101428296165142339
 200.058.988SSHR 1575015.75019.687M729522013370132495359206291574
200.058.990SSHR 223022.30027.875M90102235153831775614042183459118

Read safety instructions! Imperial sizes on request. Technical changes and misconceptions reserved.

Specialist Suppliers of ACTEK SSHR-Series Hoist Rings

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Michael and Stefan Koch are considered the leaders of the machine moving industry. With the establishment of HTS Direct Limited, the people of the United Kingdom have got access to the best machines for lifting and loading goods. Located in Staffordshire in the West Midlands, it gets easier for everyone to get hold of the best quality HTS ACTEK SSHR-Series – Hoist Rings.

We at HTS Direct Limited are always up for innovation. You will be glad to know that we have expanded our product area and storage facilities by installing new ERP software. With our high-quality hoist rings, you have the convenience to lift heavy goods easily and move it to a different place. The safety factor is six times more than the hoist rings of other manufacturing companies, and they are evaluated at the laboratories as well. People put their faith in our machines and devices because of our reputation in the market.

The collection of HTS ACTEK SSHR-Series – Hoist Rings gives an upper hand to you to assemble the tower segments of wind turbines. Our sales professionals and the certified technicians are always ready on their feet to help you with your requirements and queries.

If you are looking for the best products that will suffice your need to load and lift swiftly, look nowhere other than HTS Direct Limited. Our team will listen to you if you have any complaints regarding the set of HTS ACTEK SSHR-Series – Hoist Rings and will work on the changes accordingly. We have created groundbreaking records in the UK with our variety of products and are just a call away from giving you full information about whatever you need. So contact us soon if you are looking for the best-designed hoist rings available in the market.

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