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ACTEK SHR-Kit – Hoist Ring Kit

1050kg- 42,000kg


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ACTEK SHR-Kit – hoist ring kit
  • 5:1 Safety factor
  • 200% proof load tested
  • Serial numbers for traceability
  • Rotates 360° and swivels 180°
  • Magnetic partical inspected
  • Easy mounting, only one thread or hole is required

Kit Specifications:

  • The kit enables to custom build up to 24 different SHR hoist rings between 1.050 kg (2,300 lbs)
    and 4.200 kg (9,240 lbs) load capacity
  • The sizes in the kit are from 1050 up to 4200 kg
  • The Kit includes 4 off each required D-Ring.

This kit is a handy accessory kit for lifting and moving loads and is a must for your tool box.


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The below listed items can be assembeld with the kit

Part NumberTypeCapacity
SF* 5:1
SF* 4:1
ThreadDimensions (mm)max.
 200.046.924SHR 10501.0501.312M1222603019191218951371,08
200.046.930SHR 19001.9002.375M1622563019291218951801,12
 200.046.939SHR 21502.1502.687M20225230193412189511351,19
200.046.942SHR 30003.0003.750M203678432532166131761353,03
200.046.948SHR 42004.2005.250M243674432537166131763113,10
200.046.950SHR 42004.2005.250M3036108432558206131766373,10

Read safety instructions! Imperical sizes on request. Technical changes and misconceptions reserved.

Specialist Suppliers of ACTEK SHR-Kit - Hoist Ring Kit

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HTS Direct Limited greet you with a wide variety of machines and devices needed for loading and lifting. Our heritage impresses the customers with an eclectic sphere of products. If you are looking for a reliable source of hoist rings, close your eyes and put your faith in us. The most trusted name in the market, the line of HTS SHR Kit – Hoist Ring Kit has no alternative. Over the decades, we have polished and refined the art of manufacturing these hoist rings and have thus gained popularity in the UK. You will be impressed to know that HTS Direct Limited’s hoist rings are stringently examined in the laboratory before being sent out to the market. In fact, each ring has a distinct serial number, which is engraved for better traceability, as well as, for security reasons.

Our goal is simple – we just want to cater to your needs, and we do so by going out of our way. Our team of experts make sure that the HTS SHR KIT – Hoist Ring Kit is very effective and serve your purpose. Even if it does not, we are always up for taking your feedback into account and bring in the necessary changes accordingly.

If you have any kind of lifting problems, HTS Direct Limited is at your service. It is you who have made our company such a popular one in the market. So you are our first and foremost priority. If you are unsatisfied with any part of the HTS SHR Kit – Hoist Ring Kit, tell us about it. Our expert technicians will be at your prompt service and make the required customisations. Send us an email for further enquiry about hoist ring kits.

  01785 816747
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