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ACTEK SHR-Kit – hoist ring kit

1050kg- 42,000kg

The kit enables to custom build up to 24 different SHR hoist rings between 1.050 kg (2,300 lbs)
and 4.200 kg (9,240 lbs) load capacity. The sizes in the kit are from 1050 up to 4200 kg.
The Kit includes 4 off each required D-Ring. A handy accessory kit for lifting and moving loads.
A must for your tool box.


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ACTEK SHR-Kit – hoist ring kit
  • 5:1 Safety factor
  • 200% proof load tested
  • Serial numbers for traceability
  • Rotates 360° and swivels 180°
  • Magnetic partical inspected
  • Easy mounting, only one thread or hole is required


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The below listed items can be assembeld with the kit

Part NumberTypeCapacity
SF* 5:1
SF* 4:1
ThreadDimensions (mm)max.
 200.046.924SHR 10501.0501.312M1222603019191218951371,08
200.046.930SHR 19001.9002.375M1622563019291218951801,12
 200.046.939SHR 21502.1502.687M20225230193412189511351,19
200.046.942SHR 30003.0003.750M203678432532166131761353,03
200.046.948SHR 42004.2005.250M243674432537166131763113,10
200.046.950SHR 42004.2005.250M3036108432558206131766373,10

Read safety instructions! Imperical sizes on request. Technical changes and misconceptions reserved.

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