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ACTEK HR-Series – Hoist Rings


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  • 6:1 safety factor
  • Swivels 180°
  • Magnetic partical inspected


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HR-Series hoist rings

Part NumberTypeCapacity
ThreadDimensions (mm)max.
 200.068.060HR 900900M8x30445125863191390,33
200.068.070HR 11001.100M10x3557632810812216160,56
 200.068.080 HR 22502.250M12x506676 3813982819370,90
200.068.090HR 54005.400 M12x50 791014119130353222371,80
200.068.100HR 90009.000M16x60911275225162483225803,38

Read safety instructions! Technical changes and misconceptions reserved.

Specialist Suppliers of ACTEK HR-Series Hoist Rings

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HTS Direct is a leading distributor of ACTEK HR-Series hoist rings suitable for a vast range of industrial hoisting operations. HR-Series rings are ideal for lifting a great range of loads and fit in seamlessly within the workflows of clients. This range of hoist rings come with the 180-degree swivel feature for hassle-free operation and peak performance. ACTEK HR-Series range of industrial hoist rings undergo thorough magnetic particle inspection and have a high safety factor ratio of 6:1. Our customers prefer ACTEK hoist rings for their design, durability and assured performance. We are reliable distributors of HR-Series and other ACTEK hoist ring varieties for our customers in the UK.

ACTEK HR-Series hoist rings find application in a great number of industrial use cases. These rings can effortlessly lift tools and machine parts with precision. HR-Series rings are assorted industrial tools used during product inspection, manufacturing, and mounting phases. ACTEK hoist rings are built to stand rigorous usage and can handle very heavy load capacities with ease. You can depend on HR-Series models for lifting containers, boxes, machine parts assemblies, and more. These are tried-and-tested products which numerous businesses rely on consistently.

As large-scale distributors of ACTEK branded rings, we can get you reasonable rates. We have made various models available for our customers to choose from. ACTEK HR-Series hoist rings may differ in characteristics like dimensions, weight, maximum torque, and thread type. ACTEK hoist rings distributed by us are of the highest quality and come with valid serial numbers. The metal used to construct them is of industrial grade and offers remarkable durability apart from being lightweight. HR-Series hoist rings can raise your productivity and operational efficiency.

If you are a business owner looking for suitable heavy-duty hoist rings, ACTEK HR-Series might be the right choice. Get in touch to know more.

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