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ACTEK HD-Series – Hoist Rings

400kg - 12,500kg


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  • 5:1 Safety factor
  • 200% proof load tested
  • Serial numbers for traceability
  • Rotates 360° and swivels 180°
  • Magnetic particle inspected
  • Easy mounting, only one thread
    or hole is required


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Part NumberTypeCapacity
SF* 5:1
SF* 4:1
ThreadDimensions (mm)max.
200.056.912HD 400400500M83236301115846190,35
200.056.916HD 500500625M1032363011158461160,35
200.056.924HD 10501.0501.312M125461501925142103371,80
200.056HD 19001.9002.375M165461501925142103801,80
200.056.936HD 21502.1502.687M2054615019251421031351,80
200.056.942HD 30003.0003.750M2071826725301901381354,10
200.056.948HD 42004.2005.250M2471826725401901383114,10
200.056.949HD 45004.5005.625M3071826725401301386374,10
200.056.956HD 70007.0008.750M30891028432502381726378,70
200.056.966HD 1100011.00013.750M368910284326523817210859,10
200.056.968HD 1250012.50015.625M428910284328023817210859,60

Read safety instructions! Imperical sizes on request. Technical changes and misconceptions reserved.

Specialist Suppliers of ACTEK HD-Series Hoist Rings

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What makes HTS Direct Limited different from all other manufacturing companies in the market? There must be definitely something that makes us stand apart in the entire United Kingdom. We have a highly impeccable line of HTS ACTEK HD-Series – Hoist Rings that boast good feedback from the customers. Our hoist rings come with safe design and are industry certified, making it a reliable buy for our customers. The hoist rings are available in a variety of capacities and sizes, and we also provide you with the necessary customisations. Being in business for years has helped us to gain people’s trust and faith. Our simple, yet effective load lifting technology is of help to every customer, and the HTS ACTEK HD-Series – Hoist Rings are the best in the lot.

We are a leading manufacturing brand that not only delivers to you the best of products, but are also eager to listen to your suggestions and then proceed with the specialisations. In addition to everything, our team of experts are always eager to create ideas that can make our products better and more beneficial.

There are many industries that require hoist rings for lifting heavy loads. Our rings are all tested and have the capacity of lifting loads up to 44000 kgs. The reason why HTS Direct Limited is everyone’s favourite is because apart from the quality of HTS ACTEK HD-Series – Hoist Rings, our delivery service is quick and prompt. Moreover, our location makes it convenient for everyone to reach out to us. If you are facing any lifting problem, contact us to get the right answer as our sales team will guide you with your sale and delivery at any given point of time. Call us to see a specimen of our product.

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