Multiple Skates Blurred


200 kg - 44,600 kg


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  • 5:1 Safety factor
  • 200% proof load tested
  • Serial numbers for traceability
  • Rotates 360° and swivels 180°
  • Magnetic partical inspected
  • Easy mounting, only one thread or hole is required


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Part NumberTypeCapacity
SF* 5:1
SF* 4:1
ThreadDimensions (mm)max.
200.046.912SHR 400400500M8113218101368472590,17
200.046.916SHR 500500625M101130181018684725160,17
200.046.608SHR 1050N1.0501.312M121848241327966638370,40
200.046.924SHR 10501.0501.312M1222603019191218951371,08
200.047.124SHR 1050L1.0501.312M12221103019191718951371,08
200.046.930SHR 19001.9002.375M1622563019291218951801,12
200.047.130SHR 1900L1.9002.375M16221063019291718951801,12
200.046.936SHR 21502.1502.687M20225230193412189511351,19
200.047.136SHR 2150L2.1502.687M202210230193417189511351,19
200.049.303SHR 2850**2.8503.562M24224830193912189513111,36
200.046.942SHR 30003.0003.750M203678432532166131761353,03
200.047.142SHR 3000L3.0003.750M2036118432532206131761353,03
200.046.948SHR 42004.2005.250M243674432537166131763113,10
200.047.148SHR 4200L4.2005.250M2436114432537206131763113,10
200.046.950SHR 42004.2005.250M3036108432558206131766373,10
200.049.304SHR 5000**5.0006.250M333665432547166131766373,90
200.049.305SHR 5500**5.5006.875M363662432557166131766373,90
200.046.956SHR 70007.0008.750M3045106543242222165956376,30
200.046.960SHR 7000**7.0008.750M3345103543267222165956376,30
200.049.306SHR 8500**8.50010.625M36451005432562221659510857,30
200.049.307SHR 9000**9.00011.250M3945975432562221659510857,80
200.049.308SHR 9250**9.25011.562M4245945432662221659510858,20
200.049.311SHR 10000**10.00012.500M4845885432662221659510858,20
200.046.966SHR 1100011.00013.750M3657166714463317217124108515,50
200.046.968SHR 1250012.50015.625M4257160714483317217124108516,00
200.046.970SHR 1350013.50016.875M4857154714483317217124108516,80
200.049.312SHR 14500**14.50018.125M5257150714488317217124108519,10
200.049.313SHR 15500**15.50019375M5657146714488317217124108519,10
200.049.314SHR 1650016.50020.625M6457138714488317217124284719,10
200.046.972SHR 2230022.30027.875M647620410357101428271165284739,00
200.046.989SHR 24500**24.50030.625M727619610357107428271165583041,80
200.049.316SHR 26500**26.50033.125M807618810357117428271165583041,80
200.046.988SHR 3150031.50039.375M729522013370132495359206583074,00
200.049.317SHR 33000**33.00041.250M9095200133701404953592066914127,3
200.046.990SHR 4460044.60055.750M90102235153831775614042186914118,00

Read safety instructions! Imperical sizes go to SHRZ. Special sizes on request.
Technical changes and misconceptions reserved.
* SF = Safety factor **not a standard part, eventually not in stock

Specialist Suppliers of ACTEK SHR-Series Hoist Rings

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HTS Direct Limited supplies hoist rings to several industries. Starting from the food and pharma industry to the chemical industry, the efficiently manufactured products are in high demand. You can rest assured that our hoist rings guarantee customer satisfaction to the fullest. Not only in the UK, but HTS Direct Limited has also been successfully delivering the HTS ACTEK SHR-Series Hoist Rings all across Europe since 2000. Perfect for efficaciously handling and moving heavy loads, our offerings have outstanding capacities.

The thing that makes our hoist rings different from that of its competitors is that we make sure to heat test the rings before sending them out. The rings are also load tested, as well as, magnetic particle inspected. Mainly required for industries that deal with tools, machines or dies, the HTS ACTEK SHR-Series Hoist Rings are suitable for production or inspection. We are driven by a passion to help our customers, and this is the precise reason why we are the topmost choice for most of the people in the UK.

The unique feature that makes HTS Direct Limited stand out in the crowd of other such manufacturers is that we also provide you with replacement parts that are required for your loading and lifting systems. Adding to your joy is the fact that the parts have industry-leading warranties. If you have any query regarding this HTS ACTEK SHR-Series Hoist Rings, get in touch with us for elaborate information. Our experts will be more than happy to help you and provide you with the best of our signature products.

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