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ACTEK – Swivel Hoist Rings

With a 5:1 Safety Factor

Specialist Suppliers of ACTEK Swivel Hoist Rings

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ACTEK hoist rings from the USA are distributed by HTS since 2000 throughout Europe. There is a wide field of industries where simple handling of heavy loads are offered by ACTEK hoist rings with capacities from 200 to 44.600 kgs. Outstanding features of different series are the high safety factor of up to 6:1, that some swivel 360° and pivot 180°. Each hoist ring is heat treated and 100% magnetic particle inspected as well as 200% proof load tested. In addition they are tested from independent laboratories and each hoist rings has its own serial number for better trace-ability for safety inspections. The areas where hoist rings can be used is wide and includes all industries where machines, tools, dies, containers and more have to be lifted for production, mounting, or inspection.

A special hoist ring device is the patented WKA-System for the assembly of tower segments of wind turbines where as
whole tower families from one or more manufacturers can be lifted and assembled with only 6 hoisting points.

We welcome you to HTS Direct Limited if you want the best specialisation in terms of lifting solutions for your industry or workshop. We have been in the service for over four decades and have gained quite a glorious reputation in the market for proffering load lifting systems. For high-quality load lifting solutions, HTS ACTEK Swivel Hoist Rings with us are demanded by many people in the UK.

Founded by Stefan and Michael Koch, HTS Direct Limited is a strong foundation that never disappoints its customers. We have tried our best to maintain our reputation in the industry till date with our team of expert technicians. Our experts are trendsetters in their respective fields as they pay attention to what the customers have to say about the machines. The highly certified and trained professionals and sales experts of HTS Direct Limited come to your help whenever needed. The HTS ACTEK Swivel Hoist Rings are particularly dedicated to the group of industries that need to assemble the tower of wind turbines.

Our greatest strength lies in the fact that our products feature an impressive finishing touch. Moreover, if required, we at HTS Direct Limited, customise the swivel hoist rings according to the need of our customers. People from all over the UK trust us for the HTS ACTEK Swivel Hoist Rings series as we guarantee good customer satisfaction. Our suitable location makes it convenient for us to deliver our high-defined products to people anywhere across the country. To know more about our products, communicate with us for further detail.

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