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Hydraulic Power Jack – How Do You Safely Lift A Vehicle?

Hydraulic power jack equipment has been used for many years in the lifting of both mass manufactured and heavy goods vehicles. This allows mechanics to see the underside of a vehicle to either inspect, assess, maintain or fix a vehicle. But how do you ensure the safety of the mechanic?

We must remember before answering that vehicles are heavy and can cause serious injury or even death. The average mass manufactured car alone weighs two tons. So there needs to be in-house health and safety considerations before any toe jack or any other lifting equipment is used. While this information is not a definitive guide, we outline some of the principles. It is a good idea to, first of all, inspect the surface that will be used. It should be hard enough to support the vehicle whilst it is on a jack. This can be helped through usage of particular, high-quality jacks which have strong legs to support weight, ensure safe lifts and will also prevent the jack from tipping whilst being used. When you have such a jack, you also have to make sure that you choose the right lifting point. Getting it wrong can obviously have implications for a user, but it can also potentially damage a vehicle. Usually a vehicle’s owner manual will refer to an ideal lifting point that will have the minimal effect on the car or vehicle’s health.

When it comes to a hydraulic power jack, you’re obviously going want to find an option that is safe, reliable and durable when used over a number of years. At HTS Direct Limited, our ECO-Jack series comes with a five-year warranty and we also send you the test certificates – giving users peace of mind. To see our terrific range of modern jacks, just visit us at, give us a call on +44 (0)1785-816747 or email us via

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