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Hydraulic Garage Jack – An Easy Explanation Of How It Works

Hydraulic garage jack gear is a pretty common feature in garage shop premises up and down the UK and across the world. Hydraulic jacks are important in a garage shop to ensuring the safe and effective lifting of a car for inspection, repair and maintenance. But how do little garage hydraulic floor jack devices lift a ton of weight?

Principles of hydraulic jacks are actually based on Pascal’s Principle. Think of gases. We know that when gases are trapped in confined spaces, they are easy to squash and manipulate – like balloons. But other materials, such as metal or wood, cannot be manipulated by your fingers. What about liquids? Well, liquids are kind of in the middle. They don’t react like gases when squeezed – they react like solids. It’s why it’s dangerous to dive into water from heights. But the fact that liquids don’t compress easily makes them extremely useful. Think of water pistols. When it’s empty, the trigger is easy to pull. When it’s full, it’s not. You have to create force to squeeze it out. This is achieved by putting pressure on the water. If you make the water pistol work in reverse – shooting liquid into a nozzle with velocity – then the flow of water would be reversed and we’d generate a large upward force. Scale up the size, and the force would be able to lift up a two ton parts or car in a garage – just like a jack using a hydraulic system. This is how hydraulic garage floor lifting equipment, such as a toe jack, works.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to work out the dynamics of how hydraulic systems and a floor jack raise a ton. Just make sure to purchase a floor hydraulic garage jack from a high-quality jack producer. At HTS Direct Limited, we’re that high ton jack producer. Just head over to, call us on +44 (0)1785-816747 or email today.

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