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20 Ton Toe Jack Equipment – What Is It And What Does It Do?

20 ton toe jack equipment is what you may have heard about to help you move heavy ton loads in an industrial, warehouse or garage setting. It is true that there are hydraulic jacks that can lift a huge number of tons, but there is a particular type of hydraulic lifting gear that is extremely helpful.

We’re talking about the toe jack. This lifting equipment isn’t just helpful when it comes to moving heavy loads, but it can also provide the adequate ground clearance to be able to move materials past a heavy load that wouldn’t be possible without the jack. Because of this versatility, toe jacks are highly sought-after pieces of equipment in a variety of industries. They work by allowing heavy loads to be raised from the ground so that either skates can be placed to help move the load, or so that a heavy load can be lifted up for the underside can be inspected. The latter reason is quite common when it comes to the construction of large vehicles such as lorries, trains or carriages. Toe jacks also feature an amazingly low ground clearance. Unlike bottle hydraulic jacks, which require space underneath a load, toe jacks use a small, thin claw to lift the heavy ton loads. This makes it more comparable to a trolley pallet or a forklift. It has benefits over the former because it can lift a far greater ton load; and the latter because it doesn’t require a specially-trained forklift driver and an expensive forklift.

Therefore, it is extremely common to see 20 ton toe jack equipment – and toe jacks capable of lifting even 50 tons – in a number of plants, workshops and garages. If you come to HTS Direct Limited, the number 1 supplier of hydraulic jacks and hydraulic skates in the UK – you’ll find the highest quality toe jacks available. Just head over to, give us a call on +44 (0)1785-816747 or email

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