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Toe Jack Technology Allows Several Toe Jacks To Be Combined To Lift Heavy Loads

Toe jack is the name given to specialist lifting equipment used in industry to lift very heavy loads in the range of three to 50 tons. Heavier loads are raised by combining toe jacks; for example, by using a separate one in each corner. Indeed, to get a level lift, several toe jacks need to be used in combination. The name comes from the small area of the lifting claw which fits under the edge of the load like a toe. This is in contrast to the long tines of a forklift or pallet truck, which fit all the way under the load.

The Use Of Lifting Equipment Must Be Properly Planned

When using a toe lift jack to raise a load safely, initial planning is imperative. Firstly, the lifting equipment chosen must be suitably rated: this means that it should be capable of lifting heavier loads than that being planned. The equipment should be properly examined before use; and must have been regularly serviced to make sure it is in serviceable condition. Operators should also be suitably trained and experienced. Toe jacks can be manually operated where they contain an integrated hydraulic unit and a handle to facilitate the lift. Alternatively, hydraulic power jack designs are available where the toe jacks are connected to an external pump unit. Both designs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Manually operated designs can be set up quickly and operated independently, for instance. Toe jacks, on the other hand, need an external pump and so can take longer to set up; but they are lighter to move and the lift can be more easily coordinated. Which type to use depends on the situation. Where all the toe jacks being used are lifting the same weight, multiple jacks can be linked to the same pump and all operated simultaneously to produce an even, smooth lift. Where the load is unevenly spread, operating each jack independently is advised to produce the best result. Similarly, pump operated jacks are generally smaller than manually operated ones since they do not have the integrated hydraulic unit, and also do not have a long raising handle. This can mean they can be used in smaller spaces than the manually operated versions.

The Hydraulic Jack Is Available In Designs To Suit Specialist Applications

Even within toe jack ranges, there are specialist designs for particular applications. One such example is in using a hydraulic jack lift to service forklift trucks, which are heavier than many vehicles due to the counterbalance weight. These jacks have low profile lifting claws allowing them to easily fit under forklift trucks, electric hand trucks and stackers which have a low ground clearance. The claw is also longer than those on other toe jacks. For use in the food preparation industry, the medical industry or other areas where high levels of hygiene are required, the hydraulic jack can be nickel plated which gives it much higher abrasion or scratch and corrosion resistance. This makes it easier to keep hygienically clean while retaining its other functional features. Toe jacks are available where the housing revolves through 360 degrees so the claw can be engaged under the load and the housing rotated. This allows the jack to be pumped up by its handle in the most convenient position for the operator. These rotational toe jacks can be used in every situation and in any position, making them useful for a range of application such as working in confined spaces. They often have low claw heights and the best versions have overload protection devices that, as the name suggests, stop the jack being overloaded and thereby protected from damage or failure. A good equipment supplier such as HTS Direct Limited will be able to provide a full range of hydraulic toe jacks, including those needed for specialist applications.

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