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Skates For Moving Heavy Loads And Hydraulic Jacks Machinery – Good For Mining Operations?

Skates for moving heavy loads and a hydraulic jack machine are great in a number of different industrial settings such as warehouses, plants, factories and construction sites. But what about the use of skates and jack dollies for moving in mining load situations? Are they helpful or a hindrance when moving loads in mining operations?

The reality is that, yes, there are a number of good reasons as to why hydraulic jack systems and even lifting equipment such as moving skates could be useful in a mining environment. Hydraulic jack solutions in particular are extremely important in moving unstable, heavy load rocks. Moving heavy load rocks could easily break a non-hydraulic jack, but a hydraulic jack has the counterbalance valves to ensure that heavy load rocks are kept lifted at a stable height. If the heavy load tries to drop faster than the pump supplies oil to the jack’s pressure-building cylinder, then the jack will automatically power down so that there is no chance of an accident. Also, hydraulic components in any machinery last for quite a considerable amount of time and have far better shelf life than other non-hydraulic options. Skates also come in handy when it comes to moving heavy mining equipment loads and moving heavy machinery loads over uneven services. While this would not have been true in the past, today’s high-quality load skates feature moving wheels made of durable material that can skate on a number of different surfaces.

When you come to HTS Direct Limited for a hydraulic jack machine and skates for moving heavy loads, it is a guarantee that you will come away with quality load or skate products that are suited to a number of different environments. We’re happy to work with all clients in all industries – including the mining industry – to produce custom built skates and jack transport loads for your operations. To find out more, just visit us at, call us on +44 (0)1785-816747 or email

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