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Skates For Moving Heavy Equipment – Is This The Best Option?

Skates for moving heavy equipment is one option for individuals and companies looking to move heavy loads with minimal strenuous effort. But it’s always a good idea to research your options and come to better understand any alternatives to skates and jack machinery, allowing you to determine what options are best for moving your heavy equipment or machinery.

Forklifts are one alternative to skates and jack equipment for those working in an industrial setting such as a warehouse, a construction site, a factory or a plant. The forklift’s prongs are used to jack up the machine or equipment load which the forklift can then move at a slow speed across a great distance within such a setting. This makes it a handy and fast option, but it unfortunately also means that you’ll need to buy an expensive forklift and also have drivers trained to operate the forklift. Then you have the option of moving skates being combined with hydraulic or non-hydraulic jack machinery. In the case of non-hydraulic jack machinery, this can be fine for lower weights but will not have the power or moving capacity to deal with heavy equipment or machine loads over this weight. Hydraulic jack machinery, on the other hand, can be used to move weights of up to 50 or 60 tons. They can also be fed into the same external machine pump so that multiple jacks can be set to move at the same time – making the lifting job incredibly easy. When combined with skates, the machine or equipment load lift and move process could be over with minimal time and very little effort on the part of your staff. This makes it the ideal lifting equipment for any setting.

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