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Moving Skates UK – How Do You Know Which Supplier To Trust?

Moving skates UK wide and worldwide have been used to help move heavy machine and material loads that would otherwise be impossible to do so. And there are definitely brands of skates out there that are reliable and made with quality materials that have made this job even easier and safer. But how do you know which producer to trust?

It’s not a simple question to answer. It all really depends upon what you value in a potential supplier. However, for most organisations there are a few things that definitely facilitate trust in both the product and the supplier of that product. Firstly, history is irrelevant. Suppliers with many years of experience have obviously lasted that long because they are valued by their clients. Bad suppliers go out of business; good suppliers continue to innovate and upgrade their products to suit their client’s growing needs. The same is absolutely true of heavy lifting equipment suppliers. Such suppliers in niche markets rely on building trust with their clients. For this reason, you should always research the history of the company and its founders to build that feeling of trust. But it’s not just about the legacy of that supplier, it’s also about what they currently supply. As with everything in the world, technology is allowing the production of better products. As such, there are machine moving skates out there which have been built with that technology in mind. Skates that are safer, easier to use and more durable than ever.

At HTS Direct Limited, our founding family has a history in the machinery moving industry that dates back 40 years. As a company, we’ve been providing heavy load solutions for nearly 20 years. It allowed us to expand from our German origin to be able to provide our brilliantly designed hydraulic jacks and moving skates UK wide. To find out more about us and our heavy load handling product range, just go to, call us on +44 (0)1785-816747 or email

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