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Load Skate Solution For Garages

Load skate solution is often employed in many industrial scenarios and industries. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find high-powered hydraulic heavy load moving systems and skates in plants, factories, construction sites and warehouses. However, what about garages? What benefit would such skates and load hoists provide to a vehicle garage?

When we think of car jacks, we think of those cheap, unimpressive jacks that are often found in the boot of a car. Generally, they only ever come out when someone has to deal with a flat tyre in a motorway lay-by. But if you run a garage, you’ll likely be thinking of the load moving ‘trolley’. While load raising trolleys are fine for moving smaller road cars, they are generally incapable of holding up a van or larger load vehicles. They just don’t have the load capacity. So what’s the solution? If you are running a garage, you should consider employing the strength of quality hydraulic load jacks and moving skates. This load lifting equipment is generally able to lift any load from 2 tons to about 50 or 60 tons. The skates themselves can even take on more of a heavy load – up to 200 tons. Toe jacks are able to compete with dollies for achieving ground clearance, but can lift a heavy load of up to 30 times the weight of a trolley. You’ll no longer have to worry about jacks giving way if a car suddenly shifts its heavy load onto one side because modern skates have the strength and durability to keep any vehicle in place and lifted.

Our team at HTS Direct Limited offer these high strength hydraulic jacks and load skate solutions. These machines have never been safer due to our desire to continually improve the quality and longevity of our load moving machine for our clients. Want to find out more? Then please go to, email us via or chat to us about your needs on +44 (0)1785-816747.

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