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Load Moving Skate Suppliers To Watch Out For

Load moving skate suppliers can be found in numerous places across the internet. While the proliferation of the internet has allowed providers of good heavy load moving jack and skate solutions to reach more clients, the same can also be said for those providers that aren’t so good. So how do you know if a jack and skate supplier is trustworthy?

First of all, it’s best to look at ordering lifting equipment straight from the actual manufacturer. Often, you will see cheap moving skates and jacks sold on retail reseller websites. It is very likely that these products will offer poor load capacity and will be on the lower end of the quality and durability scale. While a number of organisations will use their load moving machine systems on a daily basis, there are many that will only use it occasionally. Either way, you’re going to want durable heavy machine moving gear from a trusted supplier. When cheap heavy load moving gear is used on a daily basis, the chances of it failing increases – bringing about a potential safety hazard or costly structural damage to the loads. If the machine moving gear is being used on an occasional basis, you’re not going to want something that ‘rusts up’ due to a lack of usage. So it’s always best to buy direct from suppliers who produce their own load moving machinery. You may even find that they can produce custom-fit lifting and moving equipment specifically suited to your organisation’s needs.

This is exactly what we do at HTS Direct Limited. Our high-quality, durable load moving skate and hydraulic jack solutions are built by our own team in Germany. We’re also able to make custom-fit load moving equipment too. To see our range or to contact us about tailor-made load moving machinery, either visit, call us on +44 (0)1785-816747 or email today.

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