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Heavy Equipment Moving Skates Have Amazing Load Moving Abilities

Heavy equipment moving skates have rapidly become the number one solution to the worldwide problem of moving heavy equipment or machinery in an industrial setting. Easy to use, cost-effective and requiring minimal storage space, there’s a lot to love about these wondrous little creations.

It’s really quite amazing to think that some of today’s best and most advanced moving skates are capable of carrying massive loads of up to 200 tons. We’re also seeing state-of-the-art skates appearing now that offer even better, more comfortable and more flexible ways to move heavy loads. For example, we’re now starting to see skates with wheels that don’t just move forwards and backwards in a linear manner; but wheels that can move 360 degrees. This allows for load moving to be even more flexible, as it makes it easier to navigate large loads through a crowded or dense workshop or plant environment. We’re also seeing skates made with even higher quality materials than before. Whereas there was always a fear in the past that skates may ‘slip’, some producers of high-quality lifting equipment and skates now produce anti-slip mats. This ensures that any errors as a result of load moving are likely to be those of a worker not paying attention to H&S regulations and good practice guidelines. It’s also common to find wheels that are made from the best nylon and polymer materials which offer incredible versatility across a whole number of potentially hazardous floor materials.

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