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Equipment Moving Skates – What Are Your Options For Moving Large Objects?

Equipment moving skates are just one option when it comes to heavy load moving solutions, particularly in an industrial setting. But are there any other options available as alternatives? And if there is, are they as effective as using a jack and roller moving system? Read on to find out more.

You may be looking to move large objects in either a domestic or commercial setting. The reality is that there is lifting equipment suited to each of these environments. For example, if you’re looking to move large items on a domestic scale to save on movers’ fees, then you do have a few options. There are furniture moving dollies available, which can transport large vertical objects, such as bookcases or corner display units, but these dollies can often be quite expensive. Then there are plastic sliding sheets. These are suited to smaller items that are too heavy to lift. The plastic sheet allows you to slide the large object across the ground to move it. When it comes to just moving goods around a house with wooden floors, furniture sliders may be helpful. Attach them to the legs of your couch and easily slide it across the room. However, in both domestic and commercial settings, moving skates really cannot be beaten. Through the use of machinery – such as hydraulic jacks – you can prop large objects onto these skates. They offer the most stability and are able to withstand up to a couple of hundred tons of heavy loads at a time.

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