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Machine Skates Facilitate Safe Moving Of Machinery And Other Heavy Loads

Machine skates are mechanical materials handling equipment which are used to move heavy machinery and other items relatively short distances in a workplace such as a production factory or a warehouse. In conjunction with lifting equipment such as hydraulic toe jacks or forklift trucks, they are used in the installation of new machinery or the moving of equipment when, for example, a production line is reconfigured or moved. They allow machinery to be moved safely and quickly without the need to disassemble the machine into smaller parts, move them and then reassemble them in the new location.

Using Lifting Equipment To Move Heavy Machinery

So what are machine skates (which may also be called machine rollers or dollies) and how are they used? In essence, machinery skates are sets of wheels that can be placed under a piece of heavy machinery after it has been raised by lifting equipment so that the equipment can be easily moved from one place to another, usually within the same site. They are not suitable for the long-distance transport of heavy machinery. Typically, a machine moving skate will consist of one front, steerable skate and a pair of fixed wheel rear or trailing skates connected together by a tie bar. This produces a three-load point system, rather like a tricycle. The front skate has a loading pad on the top and banks of wheels on either side of the pad. These can swivel while the loading pad remains still. There is also a steering bar which can be used to pull or push the machine or load to move it. The rear skate has two load pads with wheels at each end. These wheels are fixed, meaning they cannot swivel around the load pad. In many rear sets, the length of the tie bar can be adjusted so that it matches the width of the load. Once loaded, the machine can be moved manually, or the steering bar can be linked to a tug or forklift, to assist in moving the machine. Just like hydraulic jacks, skates are individually load-rated and rated as part of a set.

Heavy Duty Machine Moving Skates Can Move Loads From Six To 220 Tons

Sets of skates can be rated to carry loads from six to 220 tons. It is also possible to combine front and rear skates from different sets; and in these situations, the sum of the load rating of all the single skates equals the total load capacity. To enable them to support heavy loads without excessively damaging floor surfaces, nylon or polyurethane wheels are used, with the polyurethane wheels more common on heavy duty machine moving skates. To provide durability and longevity, the best skates have steel parts that are either powder-coated or zinc plated/galvanised. To improve safety, machine moving skates have a low profile, typically 100mm to 180mm, keeping the load as low to the ground as possible and reducing the possible effects of any instabilities. This does mean that machine moving skates work best on a flat, smooth floor surface free from dirt or other obstructions. For extra-long or wide machines or those with a high centre of mass, four-load point skate systems can be used. In this case, there is a load point in each corner of the machine which provides extra stability. Here, the front skate has two load points on rotating platforms which are attached to wheels on an articulated frame so that they can be steered. When comparing machine moving skates suppliers, look for one that specialises in the lifting and moving equipment field and has a good reputation for providing robust and reliable skates and other equipment. One such company is HTS Direct Limited.

HTS Direct Limited Supply Innovate, Reasonably Priced Machine Skates

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