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Toe Jack Hydraulic – An Important Part Of Industry

Toe jack hydraulic technology has grown to become an integral part of many industries – particularly those involved in the regular transport of heavy goods, technology, machinery and equipment. This isn’t just in relation to delivery of stock, but it is important for businesses who are moving equipment around on a regular basis.

Generally, there are two main types of hydraulic jack that are used in these situations. One is the ‘floor’ jack or, as its sometimes known, the ‘trolley’ jack. It’s what most people would recognise as a jack as it’s often used in garages to lift vehicles and stockrooms to lift stock. Users will generally pump a long handle which creates force which is then applied to the hydraulic system within the lifting equipment. This moves a piston which then raises the jack. On the other hand, there are is the ‘bottle’ jack or, as its sometimes known, the ‘piston’ jack. It uses a handle similar to the floor jack, however it has a completely different build and look to the floor jack. While floor jacks are more suited to objects with low ground clearance – such as cars – the bottle jack is more suited to objects, equipment or vehicles that are higher off the ground. Their main advantage comes from their high-lifting capacity – making them good for heavy-duty machinery and large lorries. Both work and are tried and tested, yet they have their limitations. But there is another option that combines the best of both worlds: toe jacks.

HTS Direct Limited’s toe jack hydraulic technology has been utilised by many in the food, pharmaceutical and vehicle building industries, as well as many others besides. Our toe ECO-Jack series combines the low ground clearance of a floor jack with the strength of bottle jacks – making them perfect for cramped industrial situations. To find out more about our toe jacks, just head to, email us via or call +44 (0)1785-816747.

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