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5 Ton Toe Jack Equipment – What Else Do You Need?

5 ton toe jack equipment is obviously very popular across a wide array of industries. Many companies rely on the safety and quality of good jacks to help shift and lift their products, equipment or machinery – usually in an industrial or warehouse setting. But there is equipment that is just as important.

When a hydraulic jack has been used to lift the heavy load in question, it could be to see underneath the load. This is often the case when a mechanic wants to work on the underside of a vehicle in a garage. But in a number of scenarios, the reason the equipment is being lifted is because it needs to be moved. While it is common to find hydraulic trolley jacks in warehouse settings to shift pallets and boxes, these items still require an element of physical human force. What if the item is so big that it cannot be moved with a pallet trolley jack? This is where skates come into play. They are placed in strategic locations underneath the load once it has been jacked up. Multiple jacks lifting a load will generally allow all of the skates to be placed before the load is lowered once again. Once the load is lowered down, the skates will allow the load to be moved along the floor. This means that if you’re looking to get lifting equipment – such as an industrial jack – to help move heavy loads, you’re going to need skates too.

But you needn’t worry about where to find quality skates or hydraulic jacks. At HTS Direct Limited, the UK’s number one supplier of jacks and skates, we’ve got you covered. We offer 5 ton toe jack equipment, all the way up to skates capable of holding 220 tons. To see our stock, just head to, call +44 (0)1785-816747 or email

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