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20 Ton Hydraulic Toe Jack Or A Hoist – What Is Better?

20 ton hydraulic toe jack may be what you’re looking at right now to help shift a heavy weight such as machinery or equipment. There’s absolutely no doubt that each bit of hydraulic lifting apparatus suits different situations. But what is best? And what are those situations? We’ll answer that in this article.

A hydraulic jack is great in situations and workplaces where you’re lifting particular items or equipment onto, for example, a lorry. Once the jack is used and hydraulic skates are applied to help manoeuvre the large ton load, then lifting it onto any transport should be fairly easy. The lifting manoeuvrability of a jack – when combined with hydraulic skates – means that it is an extremely versatile equipment to have on any industrial site. However, hydraulic hoists like the jack are also incredibly useful as lifting equipment too. For example, in a setting with very little space, the use of a toe jack could be quite difficult – particularly if the item requiring transport is too large to be moved through the warehouse or plant. As long as there is appropriate ceiling height, hydraulic hoists can navigate a chaotic floor space by simply lifting the ton load over any obstacles. Hydraulic hoists also allow for large ton parts to be easily lifted onto a platform that is close by to its position. In this instance, a hydraulic hoist and a hydraulic hoist ring would be required for lifting as opposed to a hydraulic toe jack. As you can see, both hoists and jacks serve a vital purpose in industry.

That’s why we stock hydraulic jacks, hoist rings, machine skates and lifting cranes – as well as other load ton moving equipment and accessories – at HTS Direct Limited. We’re even able to offer custom jack equipment, such as a 20 ton hydraulic toe jack suited to your business’ needs. To see our toe jack range or to see about custom toe jack parts, just head over to, call us on +44 (0)1785-816747 or email

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